Carling has rebranded!

That sounds fucking horrible

It didn’t last very long - people were weirded out by the Guinness head, and the fact it was literally just less fizzy Carling

Weirdly it’s not even on their current drinks page:

There’s a snooker hall in sheffield that sold it last time I went there 2 years ago

Maybe pubs make it by accident by putting Carling through the wrong gas and then saying it’s ‘premier’ when it comes out funny

Compete with Coors ?

Yeah, I guess. How popular is Coors Light though? Haven’t looked it up but I imagine it sells less than Carling, Carlsberg, Stella, Fosters, Bud, Grolsch, 1664 etc.

No idea but more popular than youd imagine I bet. Can find it on draught quite a bit

New design is shit, looks like a supermarket’s own brand. 99% of lagers taste the same to me, but even I know Carling is a crap lager.