Carling Premier

Anyone tried it?

back in the day, aye

George from work says it’s decent

Even before I became a beer wanker, I didn’t like Carling. I know most lagers taste the same, but Carling isn’t nice and would be the last thing I ordered.

Branding looks generic. They should have gone the retro route. Carling Black Label, 80s style. Ride the Pabst Blue Ribbon wave. But I’m sure they’ll sell gallons of it so what do they care.

I tried it back in the day - was ok from memory; quite gassy/creamy but waaaaay better than standard Carling natch. Was an early adopter of the widget can too IIRC.

Might try it again when it’s on offer for four tins for £3 on launch and then never again tbh tbf…

The premium lager complements the existing Carling portfolio, including Original Lager, Citrus Twist, Apple Cider and Black Fruits Cider – creating a premium option within the Carling range.

Deep Christ.

TBH I mainly think Carling just stinks of yeast in a way no other beer seems to achieve. Really puts me off it. I’d get a Fosters before I’d get a Carling.

Totally with you here Theo. The smell seems to really linger, somehow.

I remember Carling Premier at Uni and thinking it was even more ghastly than normal Carling.

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I think the yeast thing was highlighted for me when I’d had the breadmaker on just before we went to a gig at the Carling Academy :smiley:



of all the shitty lagers,

carling remains the shittest*

*only possible exceptions being castlemaine xxxx and fosters

yet still probably the biggest seller in the uk?

how can so many tastebuds be so wrong

I have become a Carling drinker since the rebrand, planning to write a full blog explaining why, but basically you’re all sheeple.


carling drinkers = tory voters

Yeah probably not going to drink this, I do drink non beer wanker stuff but Carling is genuinely awful.

The industry’s really trying to hock Bud Light atm isn’t it? Fuck that noise. Literally giving them away.

I got on a Bud Light liveried bus yesterday - bright blue it was. As hideous as the beer it was promoting :+1:

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Yeah - i got given one outside the train station the other day. Not had a ‘Lite’ beer before. Was expecting it to be watery but it pretty much had no taste.