Carly ⭐ Rae ⭐ Jepsen ⭐ 2019


He needs me he nees me he needs me, ive got every thing he wants high pitched he needs me.

Dunno wut u on about, thats been stuck in my head all day


Loving it so far. I’ll Be Your Girl is fucking great.

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Queen of releasing albums


Everything He Needs

How on earth are people having a pop at this? It is so unbelievably fucking good. Best use of pitch-shifting I’ve heard in ages.

@Yesiamaduck - is there a technical term for altering the rhythm of the he needs me as it’s repeated?

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Im a duck., me not know music theory


Also, Everything He Needs is a sort-of cover of a really fuckin’ weird Harry Nilsson song written for the 1980 Popeye movie, of all things. I am in love with how weird and catchy this is.

I like the CRJ version more and more with every listen.


This has unlocked some weird childhood memory. It’s batshit wonderful. Cheers.

One of these years I’m finally going to spend a month or two really digging into Harry Nilsson’s stuff. Seems like it would be an endlessly rewarding trip.


This album is great isn’t it? Like I tried to keep my expectations in check, and after ‘Party For One’ I was a wee bit worried before getting cautiously optimistic as the singles started to roll in but… yeah this album met and exceeded my expectations. Just love the dynamic way she uses her voice, like in ‘Feels Right’, that song could be so fucking bad in some hands but the way her voice plays alongside that sassy guitar riff is amazing. There is a light dip in the middle, only light mind you, but the beginning and final stretches are incredible. Still assessing it but this might MIGHT be better than E.Motion though it’ll probably not have the impact because the Poptimist movement is in full swing whereas that album sort of helped usher it in.


I’m on my 6th listen. AOTY clearly, I love it so much.

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Banger after banger after banger!


Can’t believe that For Real and Party For One got relegated to being bonus tracks, two of the biggest bops on there. They did this with Emotion as well, I blame Interscope, Carly is too pure to be involved in such fuckery.


Chorus sounds like Look What You Made Me Do filtered through granny-pleasing Paul McCartney to me so it gets a big thumbs down. Worst thing by a large stretch on a great album


Strong contender for my album of the year already, lads. I love it so so so much.

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What a dildo


love nilsson and went through a phase where i was obsessed with that popeye soundtrack (it’s so good) so this has made me happy

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I thought this as well. Two of the best on the album