Carly Rae Jepsen



A Scar No One Else Can See Corrected

Fascinating read this, some really interesting points raised.


Well now, that is a 149 page document. :neutral_face:


Worth it though


Got a brief summary for us?


I haven’t actually read it yet, was hoping someone else would.


Nice. That’s my commute reading sorted for this week. Thanks maoam.


Please provide a summary when you’re done, there’s a ‘Like’ in there for ya if you play your cards right :wink::wink::wink:


is this that thing about every one of her songs being about the exact same thing, something like a person she really likes that just doesn’t like her back?


here’s a video explaining it for those who also don’t need to read that:


Have a read through and let us know


i’m actively not going to do that. I’ll listen to E.Mo.Tion a lot more times though and if it comes to mind to consider this theory then, It will at least be in my mind.


Pretty please?


Thought this was gonna be the new album, properly disappointed


I wouldn’t be so sure it isn’t…!

Have you actually read the document yet? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…!


(please provide a summary here once you’ve finished reading it, thanks)


Selena Gomez’s inferior imitator


You can tell you haven’t read that fucking article, otherwise you wouldn’t dare say that


Course im not reading it!


This could really do with a contents page.


Way to invalidate all your musical opinions ever