Carly ⭐ Rae ⭐ Jepsen

I mean how the fuck am i supposed to sleep for the next week now?

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Maybe merge these threads?


Yes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Really really hope she follows this up with a UK tour. Please please please :pray:

Is this just for the single release of Now That I Found You? Thought that was tied in with Queer Eye season 3 starting?

Yeah pretty sure this is just the (second) single but the previews so far (this and the Queer Eye trail) sounds like exactly what 2019 needs.

Of course, if it is the full album dropping then … hyperventilating intensifies

OMG When does the third series of QE start? :grin:

Two songs Wednesday?

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Now That I Found You is certified 100% banger already, there’s a choppy synth thing in the turnaround in the chorus that is just completely addictive.

No Drug Like Me bit more of a grower but I am super-digging that synth bass part, it’s super sharp and funky. Vocals seem a bit lower in the mix in places, which is unusual.

tl;dr still A+++ best artist in the world right now, would get drunk and dance and cry 4 eva


Agreed, Now That I Found You reminds me of Cut To The Feeling a lot, which is not a bad thing. A feel good hit of the early summer.

Other’s a slower burn but still good.


I like both of these more than the forst single, which i enjoyed but couldn’t love. Love these doe

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This video :grinning:


This is highly relevant to my interests

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XOYO on May 29 - on sale Friday



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Only 20 quid a pop, too

  • Going to try for tickets for this
  • I am not going to do that

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It’s the night I fly out to Primavera, annoyingly. Selfishly wanted double the jeppo action.

Need some sort of support group for when I inevitably fail to get tix for this