Carly ⭐ Rae ⭐ Jepsen

I had thought I’d been there, but it turns out I’ve just been to the most recent two locations of the Academy, neither of which were particularly great. So yeah, that sounds positive.

Bit awkward that the Manchester show’s on a Thursday. Would love to take my 8 year old daughter, but can’t work out if it’d be lifelong memory of a beautiful formative experience or if it’ll be too loud and she’ll be too tired and it’ll be an expensive, logistically challenging evening of regret.

Worth the risk. Itll either be the most magical experience for her and be memories for a logetime or itll be an expensive damp squib youll forget about in a few weeks.

The first outcome is worth gambling on if you can afford


Yeah, I think you’re probably right.

Apollo is an ideal child venue too I reckon. Sloped floor so half a chance of a view. Quiet and easy to find space at the back, easy to get back to the foyer/toilets quickly

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FWIW - Do it.

I took my kids to see CRJ at Brixton Academy in 2020. They were 12 and 8 at the time. The youngest still talks passionately about it now.

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Going to have to go to the Apollo. Have felt weird before as a fat beardy old man on his own at these sort of gigs, but not sure I can miss this.

Great venue. Surprisingly small for CRJ. Think I’ll go to this.

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Yeah i dont care the price (i assume around 40) im getting tix foor this show purely because im shocked its at The Dome (and cause CRJ is great onvs)

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Ah man, that post/pic is what I’m hoping for!

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Obviously don’t click if you don’t want set list spoilers

Comeback :hushed:

Tickets are already on O2 Priority for some reason, so booked Birmingham and London.

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Oh wow amazing, thanks so much for this!

Glasgow tickets booked, genuinely never thought she’d play here so I’m BUZZING


How much are they, around £30?

Birmingham was about £34 after fees (£27.50 before). For comparison, London was over £40 after fees. I’m not sure if that’s because she’s got a larger production in London. There were confetti cannons and maybe some other bits at her Brixton show in 2020, which there weren’t at a much smaller gig in Brussels the following week.

Thanks, just got my presale code through for tomorrow

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Thank you! Leeds booked

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In case anyone didn’t sign up in time and needs a presale code, here’s mine, don’t need it after I got one through o2

CRJ18ALBPE7R for the presale here

Boo… not on O2. Will be at the mercy of the pre-sale at 10.