Carol singing

Do you get carol singers knocking at your door?

How do you feel about it?

Had 2 kids knock this afternoon (just as france scored their 2nd goal ffs). They started doing a passable version of jingle bells, it wasn’t awful.

I just sort of froze. First thought was - if I had a coin or two I’d just say thanks and throw it at them and get them on their way, but I don’t have any cash.

Then was thinking - this is shit, I don’t want this, this is literally one of the last things I want to happen. How dare you?

When I was a kid living in a middle class village, we used to get organised groups of carol singers that collected for charity, and i fucking hated that as well.

So I ended up standing through about 20 seconds of jingle bells before considering all the options and just saying ‘sorry kids’ and slamming the door.

What do you do?


Got a chocolate bar or something? Some sweets?

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Maybe, but the more I think about it the more I want them to piss off and leave me alone

Got a lemon and some satsumas in the fruit bowl, the next lot are getting those


(Very much a 1st world problem maybe, but what about people they call on who are really struggling and absolutely don’t have anything to spare this year)

Knock knock knocking on harru’s door.


Realised I need to get one of those video doorbells

There’s always a 1st world solution to a 1st world problem

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I tend to ignore trick or treaters and not answer the door at Halloween, because I just can’t be bothered with it.

This year there was a knock at the door, I went to look out the peep hole and saw a group of kids, ignored it and decided to stand there and wait for them to leave. Then they opened the letterbox to peer in, which was a very odd moment as I was just standing there. They giggled and eventually fucked off.

Ignored the next knock completely which turned out to be my landlord, he had to come and knock on the window and shout for me as I’d left him out in the rain, lol (housemate had completely failed to tell me he was coming round)


I just don’t answer the door. To anyone really


You could get one of these door knockers


Did this with a friend once when younger, we made £50 in an evening between us. My parents only let me go if I gave the money to charity so I pretended I only made a fiver and kept the £20.

I don’t think it’s a great thing to do as people haven’t asked for it. Have moved to a more suburban house this year and got loads of trick or treaters and no carol singers. Satan has won.

This happened when I was about 14 and it was three ‘cooler’ girls I don’t really know in my year at school. Was mortifying as a young boy, had to ask my Mum for a fiver.

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