Caroline Calloway

I know reading about an influencer is many people’s idea of a nightmare but I am endlessly fascinated by Caroline Calloway.

First came to my attention from this January Twitter thread where a journalist suspected that Calloway was scamming her followers:

Written up concisely here:

Now a former best friend of hers and her ghost writer has written up an article about their friendship and it is really compulsive reading:

And for general fans of the rich child scamming genre I highly recommend the story of Anna Delvey:


Her art is terribly derivative and she doesn’t seem to be talented or attractive enough to garner the followers she has on instagram. And there are too many plants in her bedroom.
Good luck to her though, hope she scams loads of people

I’ll claim my indie points here please


Ooooooh, I remember reading this. Have the new article open, will get to it after lunch.

huge fan of gawping at this trainwreck


Love the Anna Delvey grift. In my opinion, if you’re smart enough to do bank wire frauds, you deserve to live high on the hog.


Big big fan. Nice way to highlight how everyone’s an idiot. The national gallery. Amazing.

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He story is really interesting, but am I alone in thinking that the Nat Beach piece is actually a pretty dull telling of it?

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The manuscript was due in six months, and my notes were just lists of funny British foods (Scotch eggs, juicy bits).

what are juicy bits…?

Yeah it’s nothing I hadn’t already assumed (her being self obsessed, lying about her writing/follower count etc)

Still: FASCINATING but what is everyone hoping to achieve? Bare minimum that she stops scamming young girls out of money.

oh :confused:

I’ve been following this for months since the creativity workshop that never happened.
She’s just awful??? But this is what everyone is like these days isn’t it? Everyone thinks they can be famous from instagram.

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Also try to explain this to anyone. It’s hard. I had a huge argument with my boyfriend who reckons this WHOLE THING is a big piece and one day she’ll come out and say it was all lies and a big act, the best friend saga etc.


Think it’s also just really telling on how the rich consider themselves different and above the system.

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Oh for sure. The latest thing with the Matisse shit is CRAZY. You can’t just copy someones art and sell it as your own interpretation of it?? Surely she should get sued?

Was talking about this with my colleagues this morning, I’ve been in Natalie’s position (though not as extreme) and it fucking sucks. And of course people are blaming her for being a bad jealous friend.


Just been reminded about that band/musician who advertised his UK tour that didn’t exist

Edit: Jered Thretin

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Also SO many women have been the Natalie to a Caroline (albeit, not so extreme) at some point in time so this essay gave me the feels.

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