Caroline Polachek

I love the cover but I’m not dropping $13 on it.

Pang is brilliant isn’t it. Slept on it originally and still catching up on last years releases.

Has a summery 80’s yacht rock thing in places then goes into a art pop mode on the next track. Also her vocal range is truly astonishing throughout. Favorites are Caroline, Shut up and Insomnia. Have played it to let it drift over me or keep finding good new bits when I pay more attention.


I’ve been listening to it a lot on car journeys as it’s an album me and the other half can agree on (she’s a singer and tends to prefer music with stuff she can sing along with - even less reason for me to pick up the non-vocal version).
It is brilliant; Caroline’s voice is this liquid thing with huge range neither of us is halfway close to emulating yet. But we can’t help but try.

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Fair play for you both for trying.
Not going anywhere near this one! Will stick to pretending I can do a nice baritone

Basically 10/10 best album of 2019 for me. The mixture of production and her vocal range/melody/lyricism is basically perfect.


Ah just a London date :frowning:

Anyone know what the t-shirt option looks like?

aah… ta!