Carpal tunnel syndrome

Anyone suffer from this? Any tips?

Mine has been massively exacerbated by cycling… I seem to lean too heavy and grip too hard, but tbh it’s there anyway, especially after a night’s sleep.

I thought I had this but it turned out to be de Quervains Tensonivitus. I managed to get a doctor (not my gp, it’s a specialist thing) to give me a steroid injection and it cleared it up for ages although it sometimes comes back off and on. Have you seen a doctor? I was hesitant to do so (always feel guilty if there isn’t a bit of new fallen off) but I’m really glad I did. Hope it clears up and you feel better soon.

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Bless you scagden :sweat_smile:

And yes need to see a doc i spose.wholl promptly tell me to stop cycling :sob:



Not necessarily stop cycling. Advantage with road and gravel bikes is you’ve got a range of different hand positions. I had to ride without using the drops for a few months which was annoying but better than not riding at all. Yours might be different to mine but hopefully you’ll find a way of doing things that doesn’t stop you riding.

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I have de Quervains now for the first time, desperate for them to give me some injections but I have to go through physio first and the waiting list is six months. Have anyone got any spare steroids

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Yeah pain in the arse innit

Or more commonly, the wrist


I used to get it badly when I worked in an office - got a special keyboard & mouse through occupational health - but I’ve not had a desk job in more than a decade and it only rarely flares up nowadays. I did start getting it quite badly when I began cycling, but soon learned my handlebars were in the wrong position (the brakes were tilted too far upwards) so when I fixed that things improved a lot. A couple of fingers still go numb on long rides, but like @scagden says, changing hand positions is great for giving them a rest. Might be worth getting someone who knows lots about bikes/professional bike fitter to take a look at your setup and make some recommendations? Stopping cycling is not an option :wink:


This is one of those things grown ups talk about but I’m not entire sure what it is

That and hamstrings

Pain and numbness in the fingers and hands

Sorry to hear that, sounds crap!


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Thank you for your valuable contribution to this thread @jordan_229. Btw I thought of another of your dopplegangwrs today. Dylan FROM casualty.

Yeah I got some solid social media numbers when I shared that photo of him. Still not watched it

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I fancy him a lot. More his personality tho I think. Well a combo of both

got it in the right hand years ago and never bothered to go to a doctor for some reason and just googled ways to deal with it. then started getting it in the left hand a couple of years ago and went into full on anxiety that it must be something more serious if it’s happening in both but the doctor told me it’s actually fairly common.

i’m mostly ok, it doesn’t really go away 100% but it’s mostly managable. in my old role at work i had to type a lot and that would make it flare up. my role changed a while ago to doing work i hate but the one upside is my carpal tunnel has been a lot better. i can type on my laptop without issues though, but trying to type a lot on my phone will give me problems. at work i’m fine typing on the little surface pro keyboard but i can’t really type on a normal office keyboard anymore

there are times where you just feel like you’ve lost a lot of your dexterity, guitar becomes harder etc which sucks. i remember trying to work out how to use a little 8 track i bought a while back and struggling with all the tiny buttons (but been meaning to try that again recently). but yeah most of the time it’s ok mostly.

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Used to have an entrapped ulnar nerve, which I guess is quite similar just the other side of the hand.

Went through all the treatments and got to the point where an operation was the next step or ‘see how it goes’ for 6 months or whatever it was. Shit myself at the prospect of an operation and in those few months it seemed to more or less sort itself out.

Don’t get the pins and needles or numbness anymore unless I bang my elbow, but I still get a fair bit of pain in those fingers when it’s cold out.

Used to find ibuprofen gel on my elbow did a decent job for pain.

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I’m with @Scagden and @Ella_Megablast that there is a lot you can do on the bike to change your set up and position that you shouldn’t have to stop cycling. It might take a bit of trial and error, but you should be able to improve things :slight_smile: