Carrie Fisher has died :(



:’( Not a Star Wars fan but loved her character in Blues Brothers.


RIP, she was a a great actor and her re-emergence last year was great.


Aw man :frowning:




Devastated, she just seemed like one of the funniest and most genuine people




This one is hitting me way harder than most of the others, this is SO SAD.



:frowning: Cmon 2016 at least give me time to mourn one before taking another from me


Ikr, Star Wars and Bowie was my childhood and as I’ve grown up, if anything I love them even more now. Just the worst fucking year. With loads of family illness and shit I don’t need this. Can we sort out a Carrie Fisher Force ghost or something? And I don’t mean a CGI one, I need an irl one please


Weird, I just watched rogue one and felt a pang of sadness when she appears


Giving away my age The Empire Strikes Back was the first film ever I saw at the cinema. I still remember that day. Huge shame. 60 is so young. RIP.


ffs :frowning:






I’m very close to tears here but there are people around



Fuck sake :frowning:


Yeah she was a real good 'un tbh. Shame.


Sad news. She seemed such an interesting woman, intelligent, but slightly crazy - in a good way.