Carrie Fisher Rip 😥


Fuck this shit :cry:




Hope she’s ok! Apparently she went into cardiac arrest… doesn’t look good at all


If only there was a way we could wish good things to happen.

Fuck prayer.


I really want her to be all right. This is unbearable.


Apparently her brother has stated she’s in a stable condition


Similar happened to my dad. She will have been on an airline with a defrib which already makes your chances of surviving a heart attack go very much in your favour compared to most people in the street having one and someone trying CPR only which is a bit luck based (6-8% recovery) Good luck to her


Out of emergency now apparently :thumbsup:


Brother says she’s stable according to twitters :heart:


2016 is almost over, thank god


I don’t want her to die in 2017 either…


Urgh… Has anyone mentioned what a shit year this has been?

Hope she pulls through and is in 100 more star wars sequels and is outspoken and funny on a billion more talkshows.


for some reason i thought she was a fair bit older than 60. i don’t think i’d really realised how young she was when they made star wars.

anyway, she’s great and i hope she’s ok :frowning:


Oh… DO FUCK OFF 2016 :middle_finger:


And at least two more series of Catastrophe.










Hate the term ‘massive heart attack’. Always considered it a bit impersonal and abrupt. Can we not just say…‘serious heart attack’ or something?