Cars 3 trailer




Maybe it’ll be their version of Rear Window?


Or Born On The Fourth Of July


Looks good! second one was pish but me and the lad are big fans of the first one. Got him a Mack truck for xmas


not seen any of the cars films. they look a bit rubs.


Easily the worst Pixar franchise.


the first one is well underrated, its like a really slowburning western


second one i assume is bollocks (havent seen it)


Second isn’t great but it’s watchable. I’ve not seen Planes - apparently that is wank


oh god yeah that looked like a car crash (no pun intended)


Looks like Duel


Kids go absolutely berserk for it, but they’re all idiots.


all I remember is the Freebird reference. enjoyed that.


what ? pish ? it’s a million times better than the first one !


yet one of the most popular with KIDS.

Go figure, marckee.


“You did what in a cup?”


Doesn’t seek to appeal to adults much I reckon. Just plays it straight for the kids.


I don’t think you can throw accusations about marckee around like that.


1st one was Doc Hollywood remade basically wasn’t it?! Enjoyable though. Only watched the 2nd in bits, 3rd…will watch with the lad no doubt!


Yeah it was.

The second (from what I recall) is going for a spy James Bond sort of thing and partly goes for your Inspector Clouseau feel but is actually fairly dark at times. It also felt like a thin plot.