Cars are dickheads

I just had to pay ££ for a broken electric window clip

Wouldnt have happened with a manual windy window

Cars r pricks

(Sorry this Simpsons reference is a bit mean)

at least i dont recognise it

Service + Bearing (and now wheel hub) and I’m 500 sheets worse off, fuck cars

I’m driving my dad’s car at the moment because my brakes have gone. Taking it in tomorrow to get it fixed (wfhftw). Presumably using all the money I’ve scraped to save this month.

I get mine serviced by a main dealer these days and as part of the process they have started sending a video of the mechanic doing his inspection and pointing out what needs sorting out. Not sure if this is better or worse tbqh

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sounds like a dodgy alternator

I only know this as similar stuff happened to me once

hate cars

alternators are dickheads

The absolute worst. Everything that goes wrong on mine is not really what I would call essential parts of a car. All 'pooter related.

I need a new car, but every single version of getting a car is brutal in terms of cash. Everyone gives it “oh just lease one and then it is only £200 a month” [as long as you exclude handing over £3k deposit at the start, then every three years] etc.


My van broke down and my AA membership won’t cover it as it’s not in London, anyway some other boring stuff has transpired and I’ve left in across two private parking spaces (with a neighbours assurance that the owners will be ok with this).


My car makes a knocking noise when I drive it. I’m hoping it’s just a loose exhaust bracket or something. It also just stopped suddenly the other day when I was parking. It was like the battery died but then 5 minutes later it was fine. Slightly worrying.

It is a piece of shit car though, I might buy a newer one next year.

Definitely don’t lease one. Everyone I know that has done this ends up massively regretting it.

Did a snortLOL reading this.

turns out it is a faulty alternator.



I feel like a real man now


Whatever you want as a reward for being right is up to you pal


Aaagagahhahjhhahahdhfbncckdkcndlzlalsllamanavmxncjdjnew FUCK CARS