Cartoons you fancied


as i said the other day, sheila from dungeons and dragons was one of my first crushes and someone else said trent from daria

wbu? go on, own up (but keep it light)






minnie the minx when i was 7




cartoon gorilla?


Jill in resi 3 on PS1. Think it’s the skirt and hoody waist


suddenly your avatar raises questions


can this be real?


28, I was



Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon!!! i’m pretty certain he’s the reason why i pretty much only fancy tall, skinny, dark-haired men and have a bit of a fetish for men in suits. (and Sailor Moon herself is INSANELY gorgeous and i’m aesthetically obsessed with her.) used to quite like Fry from Futurama and i have no idea why. also Marth from Super Smash Bros.




Lets be honest some of the drawings people make of Jesus look pretty buff don’t they





completed a computer game on super high difficulty the other day, and the super secret surprise it unlocked was being able to replay in sailor moon costume. don’t even know what it is mate! well disappointed.


Princess Jasmine (especially in that bit where Jafar is in control and she’s in that red clobber) had quite an impact on me as a child. Fully aware that this is a troubling thing, bad how they make cartoons for children attractive thought innit.


Q: what’s the biggest cause of cartoon fanciers?
A: sexy cartoons.



My friend Darren once told me about a guy he knew who confessed to whacking off over the Bible.