Casefile Podcast

Whilst there are many podcast threads, surely this one deserves its own thread!


bit harsh

Bumping this in the slight hope someone listens to it. The EAR one is incredible listening.

My TV swears by it, so at least someone agrees with you

I listened to one after you posted this but didnt care for it at all.

Did discover the real crime profile podcast though whice is v good and made by professionals who focus on the legal aspects of well-known cases. Would recommend it.

The earlier ones, with the exception of “The Sommerton Man” are not so well delivered / produced. The later ones are exceptionally well put together. I find the delivery of the narrator is great unlike discussion style delivery and he’s getting much better. Sword and Scale is very good also although sometimes way to grim on subject matter.

Yeah i listened to the very first one. The writing was pretty bad tbh and the spooky background music was much too much.

Will check out sword and scale though if it’s a bit more realistic.

Try this one (Casefile). Not too long and the story is fascinating.

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Not sure if the links work

Ha nope. Which episode no. is it?

Case 17. The Ericsson Twins.

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Sword & Scale was Episode 77.

Cool cheers, will check em.

No problem. Would be interested to hear what you think…

Stuck a few Real Crime Profile episodes on my phone for the commute as I’ve gone through all the Casefiles to date.

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It’s pretty much just a roundtable chat about the ins and outs of various cases so it’s a bit dry but that kinda stuff is much more up my street.

Pretty sure the new BBC Beyond Reasonable Doubt is in production off the back of Casefile’s rise.