Cash audit

How much is currently on your person?

Currently on my person

1x £10
2x £5
4x £2
6x 50p
4x 20p
1x 10p
1x 5p

Total: £31.95

No idea why that’s so high tbh, normally have between £10-£20.

zero - im a cashless society



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1x £1 coin. Carried around for when I need a trolley in the supermarket.

1x 1966 old one penny piece. For some reason I’ve had this in my pocket as some kind of talisman for at least 12 years. I have no idea why I started, and I can’t remember where I got it.


Someone will pretend they don’t carry cash.

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£20 and interestingly the cashpoint dispensed 4 fivers.

1x $100
1x $20
2x $1

= $122

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1 x £5 note
1 x $1 coin

1 euro coin that I thought was a quid

none actually on me now, but I’m sat at home in some scruffy cut-offs and an old Bruce Springsteen t-shirt. If I went out (after changing, obviously) and picked up my wallet I reckon there’s about £1.20 in there.

Here’s a comprehensive list for your spreadsheet


They can all go when we move over to DiS 5.0, Marty.

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It actively annoys me to have cash because there is no way of spending it in the year 2023.

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Just checked and I’ve got:
2x €10 from when I was in Spain a few months ago
1x £20 (Scottish version) from when I was in Scotland in Jan 2020, which is a fat lot of good as they changed the notes a month later. should probably find out about getting that changed

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8x 1p
1x 5p


3x 1¢
1x 2¢
3x 5¢
3x 10¢
1x 20¢
1x 50¢

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You can exchange it for goods or services.


€5 x 1

£2 x 1
£1 x 1
50p x 1
20p x 1
10p x 1

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