Anywhere you frequent gone cashless? My local mexican place has, and the odd coffee shop, but think that’s it.

Think we’re in agreement that the cons outweigh the pros, yes? Cool.


Can’t wait for everything to be cashless


Ant is cancelled


Cloudwater and northern monk tap.
Sandbar and ol bar in Manchester
North brew co tap

A lunch place that does Thai curry. As a result I go there less frequently.

You’re a good man hoogy, unlike that awful Ant.

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Bluedot festival has this year - got to load up a wristband and pay with that :expressionless:

Sounds a bit fyre fest


Stockholm is basically completely cashless now. I haven’t touched cash for months.

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Couple of bars I’ve been in recentlyhave gone cashless
We have a couple of stores in trendy London that are cashless

Nowhere that I’m aware of. I personally have no problem with it, but I’m priveledged to
A) Have a bank account
B) Have multiple cards so if I lose one I can still use another
C) Grew up in a time where the idea of cashless started becoming viable

I feel bad for the elderly, security conscious and homeless. And also for people who are unable to get a bank account with a debit card.


nope - don’t think I’ve come across this yet (apart from at some self service checkouts)

One of those things that irrationally really irritates me. Absolutely no idea why.

One southside pub. I like it

I absolutely hate shit like this

Credit unions are good for people who can’t (or for whatever reason won’t) open a bank account.

Unfortunately, like it or not, we are moving towards a paperless economy and it’s really important that people have access to a means to pay like this.

There also has to be a way to allow homeless people to exchange cash for a loaded card of some description.

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Basic Bank Accounts are also a thing these days. You can get these with a letter from a warden of a homeless shelter

Barclays Basic Account allow pretty much anyone get a debit card. Not all providers offer this though

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Surely we have the right to exhange cash for goods without #thegovernment sticking their beaks in. Get out of my bedroom, bureaucrats!

You do realise they trace your spending by swabbing your spit an dusting your prints when you exchange cash

That’s why i wear pritt stick on my fingers at sll time and never open my mouth in public

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