Casillero del diablo


Wine from the devil’s cellar, apparently.


wayne rooney is my favourite actor


positive this was gonna be a jnumbers thread there




they say… he is a legend


presumably aimed only at non-english speaking territories


High praise indeed


I think so yeah. was sure I’d seen it on tv but maybe that was on a dodgy match stream. some of his other classics deffo made the english market though


This is now the Wayne Rooney Academy Award Submissions Thread:


the best. love it so much


god, why do they do this



love his sigh of relief after van der sar bats the ball away. really conveys the relief of a man who has been spared the indignity of braining an elderly legend with an irresponsible volley



Cheapest drinkable wine available


Oh yeah the girl that hadn’t watched sound of music said this was her favourite red wine


girl I’m dating atm hasn’t seen that either
said she really liked edelweiss (the plant) and I said oh like the sound of music and she’d never heard of it
I made her watch the entire song on youtube


It’s pretty decent. That said, I’ve been caning the malbec in recent months


Juan Mata’s big line in this is so cute :3 :3 :3


The cab sauv is alright if you can get on deal for about a fiver. Sod paying 8 quid for it though.