It will end its life tomorrow the way we’d all like to go - crashing headfirst into Saturn in a blaze of glory.


is that the plural of casino


Yes, multiple casinos are being fired into Saturn tomorrow japes.


native americans up to their old tricks


You’ve quoted my unedited version ffs, now it looks like I don’t know my planets!


LOL don’t even know ur gas giants m8


Ironic, given your avatar pic.


It’s probably that in the corner of my eye that made me say Jupiter. Yes, that’ll be it.


Love how they put a DVD and CD rom on with loads of ‘Earth stuff’ on, on the off-chance there’s a bunch of aliens over there who have the same technology as us.


Isnt Cassini-Huygena the default Master League strike partnership n PES


I bloody love space stuff.


Not long until impact now.



RIP sweet prince


TBH I think Saturn hit Cassini, ref.


And it’s gone. Good work, Cassini.




hoped this was a thread for one of the great university halls drinks of our time