Cast Iron Wankers

maybe you thought this thread was going to be about people who are definitely wankers… well, it’s not! it’s about cast iron pans!

any of my cast iron brethren out there? great pans but fuck me they’re moody

what’s the best way to clean them?

Why are they good

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you can get them hot as fuck

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Then what, steak?

Actually I have a creuset casserole dish, I guess that’s cast iron. It has an enamel coating though so is easy to clean

what’s the difference between iron and cast iron

Cast iron is an alloy. Iron iron isn’t.

Apologies if this was the setup to a hilarious iron joke.

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am always admiring @grievoustim’s cast iron life

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Have got one and seasoning it properly was such a ballache and I haven’t done it right so it hardly ever gets used

One of those things that a certain kind of man bangs on about on reddit or imgur or those types of places and is now tainted by association.

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you know what, it was actually seeing his fritatta the other day that partly inspired this thread

got one of these in the sainbos sale years ago:

great bunch of cast iron



i’m not sure i’ve done it properly

I’ve definitely ballsed mine up as it hasn’t got the unlimited non-stick power I was promised.

Might give it another go and report back.

that bad boy was born to make fritatta

I put my diced pots in it with the hot oil - browned them off a bit on the hob, then put the whole lot in the oven to cook them through - then on the hob again for the rest of the ingredients, then back under the grill to finish off

no sticking or nothing

yeah. I do cuts of meat in it. so steak, fish, chicken etc

though apparently they’re amazing for cooking loads of other stuff, but idk i think i need to season it better first?

how do you clean it tim

I’ve got one like that. I dropped the lid on my foot once.

It hurt.