Castles In Space vs. Hattie Cooke

Sadly, this doesn’t really surprise me. From what i’ve heard personally it appears that there is a distinctive pattern to how things go for anyone who isn’t 100% happy with Castles In Space, regardless of whether they are an artist or a buyer. That is never a good sign. I did also read a Tweet a few days ago by an artist on another label mentioning some kind of organised group of seemingly diehard fans who go out of their way to intimidate people that either speak out against the label or those who engage or support them. That struck me as being particularly odd, and i’m surprised the label hasn’t tried to eradicate that given the obvious damage it will be causing to them in terms of reputation.

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There are several artists who’ve released with them who had similar treatment, and also a pretty long list of artists asked to write new material that the label then suddenly loses interest in, with nothing to show for an albums worth of work. I know of 3 from direct experience. Disappointing to see “Barry” referenced above, as the guy behind the twitter bitching account, is releasing music in there soon… surprise surprise.

The weird obsessive fandom can be explained very simply; they appeal to the sort of guy (always a guy) who wants to release on there themselves, and desperately wants to be noticed by Daddy Colin.

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I think it’d be great if some names were named but I guess that’s up to the people in question?

^ this doesn’t really help anything imo


This circles back to what has been mentioned earlier in this thread and elsewhere, that people are scared to speak up because they just end up being harangued/trolled directly and covertly by what seems to be a specific group of label supporters. Of the two people i’ve mentioned this is definitely the case. In other words you’re either with them or against them. That isn’t normal in any respect.

Yes sorry i don’t think this helps either.


It might not help, but it’s an observation worth making as the reasons for the “fandom” and their obsession was being discussed above.

The artists im aware of are worried about losing opportunities as a consequence of speaking out. There’s a couple other vocal people, and I imagine the ones I’m referring to will come forwards eventually.

Well I hope so too but at the moment it feels like it’s the same 3 or 4 people visibly saying anything and at times it gets a bit axe-grindy. I hope Hattie releases some new music soon on a label that treats her better.


Part of the problem with this though is those label supporters keep making the argument that it’s only one person that has had a problem with the label


I don’t know the ins and outs of it all, but i have seen stuff unfold on Twitter in recent months that clearly shows it isn’t an isolated issue. I’ve also watched the whole pile-on thing happen and sadly it does appear to be the same names involved. Add to that the two musicians i know, and various other things that have been mentioned online, and the picture certainly isn’t a good one. As i said before i’m well aware the music business is messy and label and artist disputes aren’t anything new, but there’s definitely a lot of background noise going on that points to something very toxic.


I am not sure how I think about this thread, the breakdown btwn Hattie and the label after such a great album was sad to see, they seemed a perfect match and a chance for the album to get the love it deserves. In the end it seemed like the label did not know how to manage what it had (an album of huge potential that needed platform not cult following)

I had taken it as essentially a unhappy happenstance I would buy any Hattie album and continue to support CIS, in particular the warrington releases and Dohnavùr.

At the moment I will continue to be a keen listener to both but the rumours are concerning - i will be thinking twice about continuing to support CIS

I was definitely in the same space as you up until fairly recently. I’ve been a fan of several of the artists on Castles In Space for a while now including WRNTDP and i’d say i’ve spent a decent amount of money doing so over the last while. However, as much as i like those artists i cannot justify continuing to support them whilst they are involved with the label. I think there are two clear issues. Firstly, that the people involved in the bullying and harassment that has gone on are only doing damage to the label’s reputation. Secondly, it’s clearly behaviour known to the label and yet they appear to do absolutely nothing about it. On both counts, that puts me off both Castles In Space as a whole, and the artists who release on it. It is in no way a one-off situation from what i have seen.

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Once again Hattie, I didn’t.

I have no interest in trolling you, and am sorry your relationship with Colin didn’t work out.

I think trolling is intimidating and pathetic. It’s really not my style, I wish you the best in the future.

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Listen guys if you’re going to sign up you have to tell us your favourite 3 ways to make potatoes or you’re banned for life, ta.


Oh dear. You’re that Apta guy from Twitter right ? I’m sorry to have to say this but i’ve personally seen you behave pretty poorly towards people there on a few occasions. If anything, it seems like you’ve thrived on some of that stuff. You’ve got an album coming out on Castles In Space have you not ?

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@ma0sm’s alts are getting VERY niche




Hi will. I don’t intend to get into a conversation about this, so much so in fact that I won’t but I’m sorry you feel like I’ve been awful to people on Twitter.

If I want to disagree with someone, I’ll do it openly, and it’s often in a response to having some pretty awful stuff said about me too.

I repeat, trolling is harassment and is pathetic and unnecessary. Absolutely not on.

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i, troll?

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Yeah but, how would you get your wee into the toilet if you’re kneeling down.

Think it’s time to recognise this absolute chill banger tbf


It’s almost like the reports of mobilised trolling following HC and other Castles artists is… here for all (of DiS) to see.


Listen buddy maybe we need some proper haircuts around the place, generally making a noise.

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