Casual football hookups (MME, LME etc.)

General thread for football (and other sporting activities) hookups.

If you’ve recently moved to a new place, or just fancy getting your boots on, then this is the place to try and find a game.

If you play in a regular game that is open to new players then feel free to post details here.


I play in Chorley 7-8pm on a Wednesday. Open to new players. Mixed ability, no aggro. £3.
Normally around 30-40 players in two games of 8-10 a side.

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For the LME:

Monday evening

I organise a 5-a-side game that runs from 6:15 PM to 7 PM at the Finsbury Leisure Centre (near Old St). Occasionally we need ringers when people cancel at the last moment/people are on holiday/people get pinged.

Wednesday evening

I play in a 5-a-side game that runs from 6 PM to 7 PM at the Ark Academy (near Elephant & Castle). We have a core of 8 players and another half a dozen people that play every now and then.

Several former and current DiSers have played in the above games.

DM me if you’re interested to be on the ringers list for the Monday game or on the ‘every now and then’ list for the Wednesday game.


Thanks mate!

As soon as Moss Side Leisure Centre reopens their indoor football pitch I’ll be rekindling the long-running ‘Chorlton Football Festival’ game that some of you have played in in the past. Indoors, 5 or 6-a-side, only 1 dickhead (who I might actually just kick out of the group before recommencing) but friendly otherwise, reasonably mixed abilities, no stupid tackles or anything like that, played in good spirit.

Likely to be either Monday or Thursday 18.00-19.00 depending on what’s available and what the majority vote for.

  • I might be interested in this
  • This does not interest me

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Had to do the poll again cos it was private lol

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can’t do the early time as I’m not in Manchester, but good luck!

Thursdays 6pm in chorlton could be perfect for the occasional game for me

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intrigued as to who the dickhead is!

would be good to see the gang again

Actually 6 is a little early for me, too.m

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work 5-a-side is every other thursday, so I’d be on alternate duty if that happens (but that’s fine)

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Games in Glasgow:

Goals on Pollokshaws Rd
Quite often need Bosmans

Probably 11-12
Probably Super Soccer on Scotland St or Pollokshaws Rd
We need players to get it running again

Both friendly and a reasonable standard


How about Moss Side? Chorlton Football Festival is just the name of the FB group and Chorlton is our spiritual original home before the closed Chorlton Leisure Centre as they had built a new leisure centre to replace it with no indoor football facilities lol

Then we moved to Old Trafford Sports Barn which was a worthy replacement for a while until we moved to MSLC (which is really in Hulme tbh)

L*** can’t remember his surname but there are two L***s and one is nice and one is a dickhead

Oh yeah his surname is F****

I’ll be working in media city so pretty sure that also works, don’t really know Manchester geography

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oh hmm! why’s he a dickhead?

Have you never played with him?!

I did, but I didn’t find him that bad…

Definitely in for the Thursdays. Might actually be able to do the Monday and he jack home in time for Dungeons and Dissers too, though can’t see my Gf being overwhelmed with me having 6 to 10 taken up with you lot.