Casual sexism

Hi all,

Following comments like this

I would just like to make it very clear that sexism in any form will not be tolerated on these forums. If anyone ever sees anything please either message me, flag it and/or @moderators

I take these accusations very seriously and I am sorry if by my negligence to monitor the millions of posts on these forums if I have allowed standards to slip far below what should be acceptable let alone tolerable in the modern world.



Self-policing of the Social Board is pretty good these days: I would hope that you have nothing to worry about.

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People should be responsible for policing themselves ultimately. You can’t be around 24/7 wiping everybody’s arses. The current moderators also do a fine job (perhaps a few more of them might be an idea given the size of the community). Historically it was pretty lawless at times, though. People generally seem more mature now on the whole, but let’s not kid ourselves that these issues have gone away completely or will do. A lot of people, pretty much most of the core of regulars, myself included, got away with some pretty shitty behaviour for a good few years.

One generally related issue i’ve raised time and time again is people who’ve been banned simply re-registering. In the cases of those barred for serious cases of abuse or repetative trolling there should be a zero tolerence policy to them returning. There should be IP bans in place and if that’s not possible they should be banned as soon as their new accounts are flagged, which does sometimes happen but generally doesn’t.

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Overt sexism, on the other hand…