Cat Flaps

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Really wish I had one tbh


i got a bit nervous there when that photo was loading up


I’ve read some cracking cat flap patents in my time. My favourite is the one that requires you to turn your garden into essentially a massive weigh bridge, so the cat flap would only admit cats that weighed the same as the authorised cat.

They didn’t address the problem of what would happen if Tiddles had a particularly large lunch, or if there were other cats around that weighed the same as him.


Haha. Reminds me of Esio Trot and the guy with all of the tortoises of slightly varying weight.


This has properly cracked me up.

Makes your job sound a right laugh. Do you get to grill these people on their soft ideas - Dragon’s Den style?


My parents have one but the cats still prefer us to open the door for them, the lazy so-and-sos.


Yes, but as they’re a client you need to be diplomatic about it. I don’t do that type of work for a living any more, but I still do it for my pro bono stuff (which is etc etc etc etc etc). That sets the bar even lower, because you’ve not weeded out the people who don’t want to pay money to be told their idea’s shite.

Re: Dragon’s Den - they make people get professional IP advice before going on there and disclosing their ideas. I know this because my old place had work referred to them from there. I nearly got to do a chocolate-based one, but we were conflicted out because an existing client was That Chocolate Company.