Cat hassle

one of my cats has managed to get her own shit all over herself

she’s currently outside in the garden. she wants to come back in but won’t let me at her to clean her up

not sure this deserves a thread of it’s own but I’ve done it now



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thinking about it, but doubt i will be able to hold her and the hose simultaneously

How fond are you of having functioning eyes?

stick her in the bath. did this with my cat who was covered in cement for some reason. two person job, mind

Spray that dirty puss

Leave her. She’ll (quite liderally) sort her shit out. Cats do

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Wrong thread mate

might turn up to the meat later looking like this



no - this is Moonlight. She is special and can’t really look after herself properly. Hence why she is covered in her own shit


I’m home alone - do you fancy popping down to Brighton to give me a hand?

not really, no

best of luck anyway

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update - she’s disappeared. Probably in next door’s garden

It’s quite soggy out - hopefully the rain and wet grass will work together to clean her up somehow

My friends dog is a total princess but her favourite thing is eating shit.

Moon shite more like

why oh why do animals continue to do this, don’t they just say to themselves “oh that actually tastes revolting, I won’t bother trying it again”?

why oh why?!?!?!?!?!


Poor thing!

We had this with a cat before. We ended up letting her in and immediately chucking a large towel over her, wrapping her up in it and giving her arse area a rub down through that.

It was horrible and her claws still made it through the towel sometimes, but it did enough to stop her coating the house in shit.

Good luck!