Cat Power

i couldn’t see a previous thread on the new community board about her. Anyone seeing her shows this week/tomorrow at Islington Assembly Hall or at Brighton?

I’ve got a ticket for tomorrow at Islington. I’ve bought tickets for quite a few of her shows over the years but have probably walked out of more than I have stayed for the duration. I enjoy her stuff on record but live she can be far far too quiet, frustrating and unfortunately plain dull. When she’s on form her gigs can be great. The Roundhouse in 2013 was probably the best that I’ve seen her. The worst: Reading 2001, The Garage 2001 a few days later, The Roundhouse 2006 and Shepherds Bush Empire early 00s. I’m a huge fan of her records and it obviously shows a glutton for punishment for her live shows. Hoping for a good one tomorrow.

You Are Free and Sun are her favourite albums for me; both brilliant albums. The Greatest and The Covers Record are good but I just didn’t seem to connect with those two albums despite the huge praise for both from reviewers.

Have a great gig if you’re seeing her soon. If you haven’t heard of her, try this song. One of my favourites and a relatively early one.

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Agreed re: You Are Free and Sun being my favourites of hers.

I have heard she’s very erratic live (I think she even poked fun at her reputation once in a video), but it seems like she’s in a much better place mentally in recent years, so hopefully these latest gigs will be good too.

I’m a big fan but unfortunately have never had the chance to see her live.

Only record I don’t like is Jukebox but I get why she did that as I think it was basically a form of self therapy at the time.

Huge generalisation but I see her records in 3 phases and I love them all for there own very distinct approaches:

  • Dear Sir/Myra Lee/Community (lofi-viscreal-intense)
  • Moon Pix/Covers/You Are Free (more structured but uncompromising)
  • The Greatest/Sun (feels like she really found confidence in her musical abilities and particularly her voice, a real soul feeling of discovery).

As an aside question - when she was doing interviews for Sun it sounded as though she had recorded (at least) 2 full albums between The Greatest and what became Sun, that she scrapped or just decided not to release. Anyone know anything about all that material?

Moon Pix and Sun for me. The slow stormy crackle of Say makes it one of my favourite tracks of all time.

Massive fan also. Not seen her yet, but finally seeing her on Thursday in Dublin. Vicar Street is a great venue so really hoping that she has one of her good nights.
Moon Pix is probably my favourite album of hers, but the quality of her recorded output has been consistently great.

You are Free is an amazing record.

I’ve had the misfortune to see her live twice. My girlfriend at the time was such a huge fan she convinced me to go back as she couldn’t possibly be worse than the first time. She was. Mark E Smith level ripped and incomprehensible without the benefit of a sober band to at least carry the tune.

I still remember the Reading 2001 gig. It was in the second tent and everyone was hushed but unfortunately so was she. A few plucks of a string and some whispered vocals. The music from the main stage was louder than her set. Everyone seemed uncomfortable. I went home on the Bank Holiday Monday and had a ticket for her at The Garage; more of the same. The huge bonus was that Lift To Experience were supporting The Garage gig and made up in advance for her set.

Moon Pix and You Are Free are her classics for me - both amazing records, along with the first Covers record. The more recent ones have had their moments but not hit the intense brilliance of those for me. The second Covers record was pretty close to being straight MOR Radio 2 nonsense. It’s a sad thing to say, but she seems to make her best music when she’s miserable (not that I would wish misery on her).


Still love the early stuff. Moon pix is the best. Jumped ship when the greatest happened. Only seen her live once (at ATP) but it was abysmal

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Yup pretty much agree 100% with this.

Yeah. I saw a drunk guy being escorted out of the venue.

It was just her and an electric guitar and piano. Not the car crash of sets that I’ve seen her do but was entertaining enough but definitely not great. Often I found it hard to decipher which song was being played as it was just her singing playing one instrument. In keeping with my own Cat Power tradition I walked out I think on the last song so that I can head to a relatively late night pub for a Sunday for a final drink.

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I like Moon Pix and What Would The Community Think and Sun a lot, great albums. You Are Free also very good, but never got why it seems to be the go-to Cat Power album. Title track from The Greatest is one of my favourite songs ever, rest of the album does nothing for me. Saw her live one time at Latitude, she was very good, no issues at all, seemed to be having a lot of fun with it. Bit pissed off she played Manchester in November like the one week of the year I was on holiday; y u gotta be like dat?

I’m seeing her supporting The XX tonight. I can’t imagine the audience will be very quiet during her set.

Cat Power supporting the xx? Weird, but okay. When I saw Cat Power in LA about 8 years ago she was fantastic. And then I met her in the club parking lot and she was quite great.

But, yeah, I’ve read of her up’s and down’s live. I just happened to catch her on a good night, I suppose.

She’s like Sharon Van Etten for me: a few super awesome songs, and lots of pretty good stuff. When I saw her she had longer hair. But this is one of the super awesome ones:


I came to love The Greatest and Jukebox too but I felt like you at the time (and that dreadful performance at ATP).

She was absolutely great in Brighton on Monday night

In good voice - super chatty towards the end of the set. When she left the stage she had visible tears of pleasure on her face (eye make up had run) due to the audience reaction, which was pretty sweet


That’s great to hear. I’m seeing her this evening in Dublin. My wife and I have had her on our bucket list for years but never managed to see her, i think my wife will be genuinely devastated if it turns out to be a shit gig.