Cat Power


Thoughts on the new one? I like it a lot, but I don’t love it. I really want to love it because it’s a Cat Power album.


It’s certainly good but not great. Still an 8/10 for me.


I thought it was okay, but don’t feel I want to go back to it much. But then that’s standard Cat Power for me. Some albums land and others don’t. Maybe next time.


It’s a massive grower of a record. Sounds quite slight at first but the songs worm their way into your head and there’s an intensity in them that we haven’t heard from her in a while. Black is superb, right up with the best things she’s ever done, and there are lot of other really good songs - Me Voy, You Get, Robbin Hood, Horizon. There isn’t a weak song on the record.

Her best album since You Are Free and one of the best albums of the year in my view.


JJ-worth lens flare going on here.

New record is a bit of re-tread of old ideas tbh, but what old ideas…


Sums up exactly how I feel about this record.


Really love this album. It’s one of those records that seems to get better as it goes on, I don’t think because the tracks on side 2 are better but because it draws you in.
I can see the argument that it isn’t doing anything new - I think Chan found her voice with The Greatest and has been refining how to use it since - but it really is doing those things wonderfully. I think there is an incredible skill in being able to achieve such simplicity.


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Not sure what to think of this one. Will give it a few more listens. I would agree it sounds like a continuation of You Are Free - a lot of the songs sound very similar even - but then maybe I don’t need another of those.

I remember liking the sound of the songs on Sun but I never bought it because the production sounded really weird, like the digitisation had gone wrong or something.

Anyway you can buy this on Bandcamp if you want a digital only version which generally feels like the most ethical way to do this to me:


I’ve changed my mind after several more listens. It’s a great album. It’ll most likely be my top pick of the month.


I really like it! It’s a surprise to me because I loved everything she did up to and including You are Free but I haven’t liked anything since then. I thought Sun was a terrible record.

Agree with what others say about this one being a grower, I listened to it, liked it but wasn’t blown away, then felt like I had to go back to it again and again.


Cat Power talking about the recording of Woman via the song exploder podcast here


Stunning album. Gets better with each listen.

Me Voy is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in months. Simple but simply brilliant.

Looking forward to her Roundhouse gig tomorrow. I’ve seen her so many times. Some good, often not unfortunately. I hope she’s in a good place emotionally and mentally and she puts on a great set. The first gig I ever saw at the re-opened Roundhouse was Cat Power.


Anyone else go? Loved the performance tonight.

She was nicely meandering across her back catalogue and cover versions and the new album. It worked really well. One of the best times that I’ve seen her.

(Did I mention how much I like Me Voy?)