Cat Power


Thoughts on the new one? I like it a lot, but I don’t love it. I really want to love it because it’s a Cat Power album.


It’s certainly good but not great. Still an 8/10 for me.


I thought it was okay, but don’t feel I want to go back to it much. But then that’s standard Cat Power for me. Some albums land and others don’t. Maybe next time.


It’s a massive grower of a record. Sounds quite slight at first but the songs worm their way into your head and there’s an intensity in them that we haven’t heard from her in a while. Black is superb, right up with the best things she’s ever done, and there are lot of other really good songs - Me Voy, You Get, Robbin Hood, Horizon. There isn’t a weak song on the record.

Her best album since You Are Free and one of the best albums of the year in my view.


JJ-worth lens flare going on here.

New record is a bit of re-tread of old ideas tbh, but what old ideas…


Sums up exactly how I feel about this record.


Really love this album. It’s one of those records that seems to get better as it goes on, I don’t think because the tracks on side 2 are better but because it draws you in.
I can see the argument that it isn’t doing anything new - I think Chan found her voice with The Greatest and has been refining how to use it since - but it really is doing those things wonderfully. I think there is an incredible skill in being able to achieve such simplicity.


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Not sure what to think of this one. Will give it a few more listens. I would agree it sounds like a continuation of You Are Free - a lot of the songs sound very similar even - but then maybe I don’t need another of those.

I remember liking the sound of the songs on Sun but I never bought it because the production sounded really weird, like the digitisation had gone wrong or something.

Anyway you can buy this on Bandcamp if you want a digital only version which generally feels like the most ethical way to do this to me:


I’ve changed my mind after several more listens. It’s a great album. It’ll most likely be my top pick of the month.


I really like it! It’s a surprise to me because I loved everything she did up to and including You are Free but I haven’t liked anything since then. I thought Sun was a terrible record.

Agree with what others say about this one being a grower, I listened to it, liked it but wasn’t blown away, then felt like I had to go back to it again and again.


Cat Power talking about the recording of Woman via the song exploder podcast here