🐱 reintroducing LYNX (the wildcat!) into northumberland! (maybe) 🐱

wow! :heart_eyes:

some silly people are against it but they’re silly and hopefully the farmers will be ignored on this.

also might be bringing back WOLVES in scotland to merk excess deer! :wolf: :heart_eyes:

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Look forward to the deodorant tie-in:

Lynx Durham


You know who was well into reintroducing animal populations into the wild?

Marilyn Monroe Adolf Hitler

haha i bet this handsome fellow doesn’t need deodorant to be a hit with the ladies


got some…LYNX…for that claim?


What other animals would you like to see re-introduced?

For me, I’ve never seen a red squirrel, so bring them back, but perhaps mutate them a bit so they’re on a fairly even keel with the grey bastards. They’ve had their stint in the sun for too long.

T Rex obviously. Would solve a lot of the world’s problems.

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definitely wolves, could also be persuaded by bears.

if we’re talking extinct but that could feasibly survive today then maybe sabre tooth tiger or whatever it’s proper name is?

Remember the excitement if a dog came into the school grounds? A t-rex coming in would be like that times FIVE.

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I want to make a Lynx Africa joke, Lynx in Africa or something? It just wont quite work…

think they look scarier with feathers tbh. like they’ve gone into a sinister glam-rock phase:

“i will merk you with my razor sharp teeth and androgynous sexuality!”


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you’ve made a reference to a glam rock t-rex without a picture or even a mention of Marc Bolan.


the red kites thing is pretty cool, they’re all over the yorkshire moors these days
never seen any of them other animals
how many beavers are there?

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holy shit you’re right.

Saw something on the telly recently (probably Countryfile) about there being a pack of wolves on an enclosure at a ‘secret location’ in the Welsh/Shropshire border area,

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there’s some rich guy who wants to build a nature reserve for wolves up scotland way, i think.

if you had the money you would tho wouldn’t you.