Cat Shit and what to do about it

Next doors cat is shitting on my drive. This is a problem. Kids have stepped in it twice in the dark and I’m having to remove it three or four times a week.

It’s only really started happening since our Cat died a few months back.

Suggestions on how to stop this happening whether practical or macabre are welcome.

Cat shit get banged.


I am also interested in answers to this.

Put it in a bowl of rice.

Sure it isnt your old cat haunting you?


flush it down the toilet

supersoaker cat

Bit cruel like

Can you talk to next door’s about it? Most decent people would get it a litter tray and/or keep it inside at night if you pointed out the risks of cat shit with kids.

get some Lion shit in your life

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So to solve the issue of there being cat shit in his driveway, he should cover it in lion shit? Genius.


think you just dig it into your flower beds and stuff dude

but if you want to do that then go for it

Do cats really think that a lion’s passed through the suburbs and shat on next door’s front lawn? I’ve really over-estimated how wise they are

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no idea if it actually works, but for £5.65 it’s got to be worth a go

There is stuff you can get from the pet shop; can’t remember what it’s called - ‘Shitaway’ or summat. That works.
Also; cats avoid strong citrus smells so you could dowse your drive with Jif Lemon. Squirt it like it’s Pancake Day

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Cats are really, really thick mate.

…But not so thick that they wouldn’t eventually get used to the smell and go over to shit everywhere anyway.

get a new cat
preferably one that is much harder than your neighbour’s cat


orange peel. feel free to never thank me for this solid advice

get some cat hair clippings and sprinkle them around generously
or borrow a cat and rub it all over your drive

citrus peel
or plastic bottles

do cats still hate plastic bottles or did they stop being scared of them in the 90s?

the backs of cds because they hate their own reflections

remember that one?