Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



So our kittens are going to be getting their balls cut off soon :cat: and then we are going to start letting them out.

Any advice?

We put some collars with bells on them last night just to try and get them used to it. They went nuts for a bit now they seem to accepted it.


my kitty just stays inside. had a good half hour game of football with him this morning which he won :cat::soccer:


Collars with bells = good idea. Less dead birds stinking up the joint.

Our cat is an utter weirdo, even by cat standards. Manages to get out of every single collar we buy her. Still love her though.


Ours stays in the yard (he can’t get out because he’s rubbish at climbing or jumping).


I have no advice but am happy to hear that you’re not going to be one of those indoor cats people. They’re the worst.


she could be the pretty sister of my cat


(or they live on a main road, or have an FIV cat, or a breed that shouldn’t go outside)


or they’re concerned about declining wildlife


yeah are we actually having this argument for the second time in like a few weeks?


Not in MY cat thread. Please.


Main road is fine but probably shouldn’t have got a cat.
Don’t know what the second one is.
I’m still to form an opinion on the 3rd one.


Ah, didn’t see it the first time. Standing down.


you don’t even know what FIV is and you think you can tell other people how to look after their cats. um ok.



My cat constantly escaped from his collar so now we don’t bother.

A catflap is pretty handy though you might have to clear up a victim now and again.


It’s cat aids or a video game.


Smear local honey on their paws.


Do you have a cat flap?


Keep that shit to PMs please


Not yet. We’re about to get an extension done so the back door that’s there is going to be gone at some point.


So “about to start letting them out” was just a nice way of saying you’re getting rid of your back door.

(or something about having workies round to smash your back doors in)