Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)


You have one majestic cat cbay!

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It’s not taken my refugee long to find that particular spot in my apartment.

Once that disappeared in the afternoon, she found her favourite thing to walk around on in the old place.


And then we had to have yet another conversation about “social distancing”.


Must kill the little red ball

Must get too high up and not able to get back down



What you lookin’ at, mush?


“Dignified”. “Elegant”. “Refined”.



Posted this in the ninendo switch thread. Sooty got involved.


My little twats gave killed two beautiful bullfinches in the last week alone. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a (living) bullfinch before. Need to get collars back on them.

We’ve definitely turned a corner today, I don’t think there’s been any fights at all. We’ve had a little bit of angery chasing each other about, and a couple of low key growls, but by and large they’ve been getting along. They’ve been in the same room and minded their own business for most of the time, earlier on they were even sat on the bed together immediately next to each other quite happily. We’ve been rewarding good behaviour with lots of dreamies, so they seem quite pleased with how things are going. I think I’m going to leave all the doors open when we go to sleep tonight.

They could’ve done all of this before I spent £30 ordering a pheramone diffuser which claims to make cats friendly. I’m just pleased they’re getting along and I don’t have to worry about them now.

(Best picture I could get of them near each other, they always move when I get my camera out, Cosmo is that little black shadow in front of the litter tray)


My grumpy girl :black_heart:


Possibly the weirdest he’s ever looked


A rather more conventional photo from earlier


Staying in this much is making me desperately miss my Princess. A house isn’t a home without a cat!!

So i’ve emailed the local cat home to see if they need any cats fostering. They’ve come back to say they have a very shy pair of cats.
Would this be mad to do this? i’m assuming it’ll only be temporary. I’m not sure if i’m 100% ready to have a new cat, let alone 2, in my home but as it’s just fostering, it might be ok? I’ve asked her for more info on their age, sex etc (I’ve never had a boy cat!) so we can decide but i’m really quite torn because I miss Princess so much still :crying_cat_face:


I don’t think it would be mad. Like you say, it’s just fostering. I think you’ll probably adapt anyway, even if you are still missing Princess a lot


Taking in a new cat doesn’t mean you’re not still grieving Princess, it doesn’t mean you don’t still miss her. If anything it honours her memory to take in a new cat(s) who need(s) a home.
They won’t replace Princess’s place in your heart, they will build their own place there.
I think a new cat would bring you a lot of joy but whatever you decide to do, we’re all here for you xxx


It’s not mad, giving a cat a living home doesn’t mean you are replacing Princess. She’d be happy knowing you are helping out another cat in need.

Also Sooty and Gizmo are boys, and both are the most loving and affectionate cats I’ve ever had. My mum always said girls cats were more loving, but Sooty especially now since Gizmo passed away is an exception to that rule.


i’m more worried that if they’re boy cats and they might be a bit stressed with moving around, that they might spray on stuff or piss somewhere?

We’re going to get some more info on these cats from the lady and then decide. We’re a bit worried that they might be a bit too much for us or they might be upset/stressed etc and we’re not too sure if we’re ready to take on something like that along with all the other world stresses at the moment! But i’m fairly sure they’ll just be very shy and will hide away somewhere for a while until they’re more confident.

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