Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Got a home visit on Monday! And if successful am going on kitten waiting lists from both of the warring factions!


Good luck!


Cheers. Hopefully they don’t mind a hole in the ceiling.

I’m not going to be there, it’s really to met my son. He is very gentle and chilled with cats but will still put in a bit of coaching over the weekend.


there’s a cat that climbs over the roof at night and lurks outside on our terrace. Whenever Monty sees it she goes nuts, attacking the glass door and yowling, while this neighbour cat sits there staring at her totally calm. So last night I went out to shoo it away, only it was too beautiful and I just gave it a tickle. Looked at its nametag. The sinister watcher’s name…Colin


Yeah, that’s a good idea. They’ll probably want to see he’ll be all right with a cat.


Found a few of the fake coals from the fireplace had been knocked off the other day, and wondered what the chaos demons had been up to. Today I’ve found out through stealth methods that Sirius likes to sit there licking them for ages when she thinks nobody is watching, then pretends she was just sitting and minding her own business when she’s caught.



Met Hamish and Mia the other weekend. Hamish was super friendly and would force you to keep stroking him if you hesitated even for a second:

And then Mia hid under the bed most of the time, only coming out for food. This was as close as I could get, the tease.


The cats from upstairs have decided that our flat is their home when their owner is out and they can’t get in to her place.


Had the absolute worst day yesterday. Returned home after birthday celebrations, and called the cats who had both been out all day. Didn’t come running immediately.

Anyway, start to get the washing in, hear a meow coming from next door. Peer over the fence and there’s Milo laying under a bush, shouting at us, but he won’t move. Go and get him and he can’t move his rear legs, they’re freezing cold. Oh here we go again we think, he’s been hit by another car. So the missus gets him to the emergency vet (other cat has returned home by this point) whilst I stay at home with the girls and get them ready for bed.

Anyway, half hour later, get a call from the missus and it’s terrible news. Turns out he had some sort of heart defect that had caused a blood clot that was preventing blood flow to his rear end. There was nothing we could have done to have spotted it and it simply wasn’t a sensible choice to operate as the chances of success were so slim with no guarantee that it wouldn’t return.

So, she came home to get us all and take back over there, so that we could all say our goodbyes and we had him put to sleep. We’re all absolutely devastated. I keep looking at his brother sitting in the garden by himself and it sets me off again. Writing all this is incredibly painful, we’re all going to miss him so much. Only three years old. R.I.P. Milo


Really sorry to hear this :frowning:

Scan consolation and a total cliche, but take some comfort in giving him a good home for three years.


Oh my, I’m really sorry to hear this. But you’ve given him a wonderful life.

This is what I fear will happen to Gizmo, as I’ve mentioned before he’s also got a heart defect and we rushed him to the vets last December with his lungs full of fluid, and found that one of the chambers of his heart isn’t functioning properly.

The vet did say a blood clot in his back legs is a high risk, but he’s on drugs to try and manage it.

I’m also paranoid searching the house and garden for him when get home. But I really feel for you, because at least I know about it.


I’m just so thankful that he was close by and we found him. Hate the thought of him having wandered off somewhere out of earshot and suffering somewhere. We know we made the right decision, the damage had been done so there was no managing his condition, but it’s still hurting like hell.

Feel for you, you’ve really been through it with Gizmo, but it’s definitely the shock of how sudden it was that is hitting us hardest.


Yeah, your situation is worse as at least I know what may happen and I’m kind of prepared for it.

Currently Gizmo is happy and contented. As soon as I know he is suffering, I’ll do the right thing by him.

Luckily he hardly goes out anymore and is very homely, which is probably a good thing.


RIP Milo


oh no, poor milo :frowning:


This idiot is costing me £700 to have 3 more teeth out. This will leave her with just 2 teeth!

(My pet insurance doesn’t cover teeth and it was a pre-existing thing anyway so nrrrrrggghhh)


Oh Milo :two_hearts:


How did it go?


Yeah, but look at her! She’s got properly enormous Disney princess eyes.