Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



She’s an actual angel and I love her


:joy: :heart_eyes:


She’s such a minger!!:joy::joy::joy:


Well the Cat P have cleared is to have a couple of kittens. But it is down to the individual fosterers as to who can have them. Think this is decided when you have your first viewings. You can’t view until 9 weeks and they are younger than that. But I don’t know how old they are!

These are black and white and we are also on another branches list for some tabbies. They are just a few weeks old.

In conclusion, I don’t know.



Ah, beat me to it. Sounds really weird, this.


I was just about to post this. Seems bizarre to me.
There were apparently 400+ suspected victims, with wounds made by a sharp object and body parts laid out. Seems they just want to drop the case.


That means it was probably a policeman. Or a member of the government.


I’m actually quite annoyed its been dropped, unless SNARL have been manipulating evidence and misleading people, which I don’t believe in the slightest.

There have been a few sightings of a suspicious character at the scene in Caterham where I live, wearing a head torch where the bodies was found.


Zac Goldsmith’s about to run for mayor again


Pepper’s missing her mum and da (these are their towels)


The police are now saying that all the cats were run over and then beheaded by foxes.


I call BS on that. A fox wouldn’t cleanly cut off a head and tail, it would rip the cats to shreds.


A David Huckabee-type psychopath cop actually did this, didn’t they. Fuck me.




Poor milo :frowning: Hope you’re all coping ok.


Oh I can sit on the whole bed? I’ll take the iPad pls

She’s currently sulking cause she’s had a funny tummy and I gave her some special food yesterday which she ate but today she’s decided she doesn’t want it :roll_eyes:


I am so so sorry :frowning:

My little one is the same age and I can barely think about how awful it would be if we lost him.

Hope you and the whole family are doing ok and helping each other deal with this xxx


Neighbour’s cat was just hanging around my front door again this morning


This cat looks so much like my cat that I am genuinely not sure I could tell them apart.