Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




We’re doing OK. Had the youngest’s 11plus to distract us this week (not ideal timing!).

Still miss him like crazy, but the tears have dried up, and we’re throwing as much love onto his brother as is humanly possible. He’s looking a little lost. He’s always been a bit of a wanderer, but has spent a lot more time just sitting in the garden, watching the world go by since Sunday. It’s odd because it wasn’t like they used to snuggle together or anything, but you definitely get the impression that he can’t work out where Milo has gone.


Oh mate, thinking of you all :heart:


Beacause of all the drugs Gizmo is on he drinks a lot of water.

He’s got into a habit of jumping in the sink when I’m about to brush my teeth and meows until I turn the tap on.


No idea why there’s a random a.


That is adorable


Gizmo had another visit to the vets today, as his neck wound from when he was attacked by another cat hasn’t quite cleared up, so they’ve extended his antibiotics again.

While there the vet took more blood tests which were due in two weeks, so decided to do them today to save another trip.

All the tests they were looking for are good, red blood cells are normal for his condition and the electrolytes are normal. BUT, he’s now got high calcium in his blood, it could be a byproduct of his renal disease, but there is a chance he has cancer. He has been losing weight recently too, from 5kg to just over 4.

So he’ll be going back in two weeks anyway, for even more blood tests.

Poor Gizmo :frowning:


Oh bless him. You’re doing such a wonderful job looking after him, though!


Sorry to hear this, he seems like a fighter though. Fingers crossed for you and Gizmo


Thanks @dingaling and @Shoebox1976uk.

I’ll try and stay positive for the next two weeks and not fear the worst, he seems really contented and happy at the moment and even purrs and opens his mouth willingly when we give him his meds.

It doesn’t help that he’s such a nice, friendly lap cat, who prefers staying in and craves attention all the time.
It also doesn’t help that I’m such a general worrier and am far too attached to this cat.


Melody looking a little cross here


Had a RUBZ day and I hate this commute, but, cuddles with this big baby bear makes it worth it. Almost.


Glad to be home but I miss her already!

Dat belly tho


took this one yesterday. Bella, the demure lady tabby at the bottom right, really dislikes other cats. except this big soft lad. he’s just really relaxed and has a high mew.

Kiwi has been getting on her nerves loads, the silly lovely thing (he’s just lonely and has no social skills), so it’s nice to see her hanging with her boy.


couple of sleepy bois who live a couple of streets over from me


That looks uncannily like my sister’s cat, who’s also called Pepper.


Mr Socks managed to get himself into a spot of bother this weekend. He turned up looking sorry for himself with his belly and his legs absolutely covered in some sort of resin-like substance. Possibly varnish? I’ve no idea how he managed it but it was all over him and obviously bothering him - he’s been doing this funky kicking walk with each of his paws trying to shake the stuff off. The vet recommended washing him with washing up liquid or cat shampoo and we’ve tried both (two fairly intense sessions of trying to bath a no-nonsense street cat were not what I needed this weekend!) but there’s still a ton of the stuff on him. The internet suggests olive oil might soften it up enough to get it off so I’m going to try that tonight. If not it’s going to be a lot of hair trimming for poor old Mr Socks.

Anyone had any experience washing mysterious substances off of anti-social cats?


Yes I made do with a dining chair.


Aaaaand I think Squiffy is pregnant.



Oh no :pensive:


Just got back from the vets with Nina. She’s been throwing up a bit more than normal (she always gets hairballs) so I thought I’d get her looked over. The vet took a look, and weighed her and listened to the situation, but didn’t come up with anything conclusive. She wanted to take a blood test, which is fair enough, but Nina was being a bit wriggly this morning so even with the assistance of a nurse they couldn’t do that so the vet came back and said that they’d want to sedate her, which seems a bit extreme and would have also cost another £150 (on top of the £100 they wanted for the blood test).

But Nina’s an old cat. I’ve had her for more than ten years and she was a mystery when I got her from the RSPCA. We went through all sorts of tests and things about four years ago when she lost a lot of weight, and that was all pretty inconclusive, with a lot of the problems put down to her being an older cat. I wouldn’t want her to go through all that again, and I don’t want us to go through all that again. It was pretty traumatic at the time, and I doubt that we would be able to do the back and forth for overnight stays for her at vets in a different town (she was shipped off to a different branch in Worthing for a bit) when we’ve got a toddler as our priority.

My gut reaction is that she’s an old cat, and that’s what happens to old cats. I’m sure vetinary science these days is much improved and there are things that can be done, but is it really fair to subject an old cat who doesn’t understand all that? My view is that it’s not, but I did feel to be made like a bit of a bad owner by the vet for taking that view. It wasn’t said out loud, but there was an element of “that’s your decision” :frowning: