Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I hope shes okay. It definitely seems extreme to sedate a cat for a blood test, especially an elderly cat. Luckily Gizmo is as good as gold for his blood tests and just sits there purring away, they can’t really sedate him anyway as it’s so high risk for him.

I’m a bit worried about Gizmo’s med’s this morning as he also threw up, but about 15-20 minutes after he had all his pills. I couldn’t see any pills in the sick, which was mainly just loads of bile. Hopefully it’s okay.


It does seem odd to sedate her for a blood test. Princess is 14 and before she was sedated for her teeth op, she had to have blood tests to make sure she would make it through the anesthetic. (is that different from sedating a cat for a test? I don’t know).

How they managed to get the blood from Princess, i’ll never know. She’s a vicious bitch when it comes to the vets! She attacked me loads when all I had to do was take off her bandage at home.

For me personally, I’d probably get the blood test done just for piece of mind but then after that, I would say its your decision if you want to put her through loads of tests and stuff. It might be that she comes home for a while before falling iller or she may just be ok for a while longer. You can never really tell.


@ynot @meowington she’s old, but over the last few years she’s developed techniques to avoid the grasp of a toddler. Nina’s got skills!

The thing is, apart from weigh a little bit less and throwing up a little bit more, there’s absolutely nothing visibly wrong with her. She’s not off her food, she’s affectionate, she’s jumping around more than she used to (and my personal suspicion is that she’s being sick because she’s been eating food from the worktop that has disagreed with her).


These two remind me of one that lives down the road from me and is usually having a kip in its front garden when I go past


While we were drunk on holidays this weekend and I was getting all emotional about missing our babies, my partner decided to go with the cruel tactic of sending me this pic from when they were actual babies.

So fuzzy!


So adorable!

The one thing that makes me sad when adopting older cats is I WISH there was a picture somewhere of her as a kitten. She would have been so bloody cute!


I shouldn’t laugh at poor Mr. Socks but unfortunately I am. Never had to clean varnish from a cat’s fur, just puke so I don’t have any advice for you there!


So my poor Prinny has some kind of kidney disease so she now has to have medication for life and special food! :frowning:
Means she’s probably not going to last too long (maybe a few years at most?). She is old though and I knew this would probably be the case by adopting an older cat but i’m in a privileged position where I can afford to treat her for these things.


Oh Mr Socks!
Good luck trying to wash a cat :laughing:
Maybe there is some kind of spray you can get to wash it off dry? Maybe a dog one?


I found some cat shampoo (called ‘Fabulous Feline’ as if to embarass the poor boy further) and a special de-matting comb. I’ve had two sessions of bathing him now and neither of us want to do a third. I managed to get away with only minor scratches though (and even then he was flailing trying to grab hold of something so he could get away bless him).

I read somewhere that olive oil might work. The experience of rubbing olive oil on a cat while he looks into my eyes as if to say, “what the holy fuck do you think you are doing?” is going to haunt my dreams.

Most of it is gone but he keeps kicking his paws out to try and shake it off. He won’t let anyone near his paws though so there’s not much we can do. He looks really miserable at the minute so if it doesn’t go by itself soon we’ll have to spend a small fortune for a vet to get the rest off him.


Have you tried rolling him up in a towel or something? Maybe tackling his back legs first whilst his upper body is wrapped up like a burrito?


Hmm, that could work! I think I’ll let him get over the trauma of the olive oil incident tonight and give that a go tomorrow.


Sorry to hear that, Gizmo is on a special diet for his CKD.

He loves these biscuits.

He also has wet food. He’s got bored of this, but loved it for a while.

Switched him over this this, which he’s loving.

I also got these special cat treats for him from Amazon yesterday, as he used to love his dreamies.

I’m also going to ask the vet about this stuff, as you can sprinkle it on normal cat food and it binds to the phosphate making it safe to eat.

I’ve also read a raw food diet is also good as its lower in phosphates. But before I do again I’m going to ask the vet.

Any other questions about renal food, just ask.


Oh excellent! Thank you!

Unfortunately cause of her lack of teeth, she can’t have dry food any more so we’re only on wet now. I’m going to have to try her on a few different brands I think because she’s so fussy! She’ll only eat felix or applaws stuff. Otherwise she’ll turn her nose up at it and will starve herself!

The vet is going to give me a big bottle of the medication tomorrow so we’ll try her with that and some of the food they recommend and we’ll see how she gets on.


Of course. Perhaps ask about Ipakitine, as that would give you a wider choice of potential cat food options.


I went round my parents for dinner after football. Here’s Ruby.


Ruby looks so much like Mr Socks! Very handsome cat. A* cat, would go awww at again.


Very much like our Gizmo, tuxedo cats are so handsome.


They’re just the best. Apart from all the other cats I guess.

Cats are just the best.


Sirius, mash that Command + R, get daddy a Glastonbury ticket.