Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



The absolute state of this one though


Tesla loves to pop bubble wrap, giving him a treat here, but under supervision.


There’s a homeless cat who lives in the car park at my sister in law’s flat…

Someone has dumped a child’s car by the bins…



Also, he’s the fattest homeless cat I’ve ever seen. Must be raking in the sympathy food.


That is brilliant. I love this cat already.


It’s because he doesn’t walk, just drives everywhere.


:smiley: that’s brilliant


The fluffiest belly, the most tempting trap.


I’m a bit worried Princess is taking a turn…
She’s not eaten since yesterday morning. I thought it might be the new renal food but she was eating that and I tried her with tuna which she loves but nothing. Also tried her with her regular felix which she’s usually wolf down but she’s given it a tiny lick and that’s about it :cry:
She also seems a bit confused and is just wandering around a lot which she wouldn’t normally do in the morning.

I’ll just have to monitor and see how she gets on but I’m worried


Sorry to hear that, but try not to worry too much yet. Gizmo has has bouts of not wanting to eat with the drugs he’s on. But obviously phone the vets if it persists.


Unfortunately I’ve had a previous cat (Pumpkin) who had kidney failure that came on so quickly and I just feel like Princess is acting in a similar way?

I hope she’s ok. I’ve left her to it today and hopefully by the time I get home, she will have eaten the food she likes. She was drinking so much water though.

How did the blood tests go?


It took Gizmo back to the vets today for his second blood test. I won’t get the results until tomorrow as it’s been sent to a specialist lab.


a) His heart rate is now at it’s lowest since his heart condition was detected. He was reading 190bpm, when originally he was over 300bpm. A typical cat normally falls between 140 and 220, so he’s in a healthy range. :slight_smile:

b) His neck wound hasn’t fully healed yet, so he’s extended his antibiotics for another two weeks, but it’s getting there.

c) He’s put a bit of weight on since last time. He was 4.01kg, but he’s now back up to 4.15kg, which is reassuring.

d) I’ll find out about the calcium levels in his blood tomorrow, but with everything else improving the vets seems confident it may not be cancer, if the calcium levels don’t increase or drop, he said not to be worried. But I’ll find out tomorrow.


Unused Sufjan Stevens song title


Oh praise the lord she’s scoffed a whole bowl of food whilst I’ve been at work.
She had me worried sick! I came home from work early.


Great to hear.


Aww yay, Princess! :heart:


This is great. I love her :smiley_cat::heart:


I’m really enjoying her missing chunk of fur from her blood test last week

She’s so tiny under all the fur!


Gizmo has just scoffed loads of food, which is good as he’s really picky nowadays. He eats on the worktop now for protection from his brother.


His ears!