Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Good to see he has the manners to use a fork, too.


Loving Mimi’s fully disapproving face when I tried to take some nice photos of her just now


Woah Mimi is beautiful


How is she today?

Gizmo loves his new food I picked up yesterday. He’s been scoffing it down.

This is the brand.


She’s protesting the food we had so I’ve ordered a few different brands to try! Unfortunately she doesn’t like hills prescription but I may have to try again if she doesn’t like the other brands I ordered.
She’s such hard work and just wants her felix!


Cats do love Felix, mine won’t have anything else, or the cat upstairs I feed sometimes


I have a feeling if I shaved Viktor he would look like an albino rat. So I am obviously tempted.


The cat cafe in Edinburgh did a contest once, to guess which of their cats was the lightest.

Turned out this ball o’ fluff was joint-winner with their hairless cat


Walked past this cat the other day!! :smiley:


He’s my favourite! He’s so soft.

We had a cat like him when I was a kid, she was lovely :blush:


Gizmo update time.

The vet just called. Gizmo still has elevated blood calcium levels, which he is not comfortable with.
But he is pretty sure it’s not tumours or cancer, but at the moment he doesn’t know what it could be.

He said as Gizmo is doing so well generally, heart rate steady, putting weight on and being in remarkable condition for what he’s got, he is just going to send the blood results to the cardiologist chap, to see if he has any ideas. It could well be a mixture of all the drugs he is on (3 in the morning, 5 at night)

So not much clearer, but at least I’m more confident it’s not cancer.

The vet does seem generally amazed how well Gizmo is doing, but then we are pretty regimented in his drug routine and never miss it and stick to his special diet.

  • Short Hair
  • Long Hair
  • No Hair

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Guilliame! :heart_eyes: He was so grumpy when I went, I adore him



Dear Balonz,

My name is xxx and I’m a fosterer for Cats Protection. Our homing officer has given me your contact details and said you’re interested in a kitten to adopt.

I now have two 9 w.o. female kittens in care, black and white, both very friendly and playful. Please, let me know if you would like to come and see him.

Kind regards




As long as we can have the pair we are a go.


whats better than a new kitten…?

2 new kittens!


We are on for Saturday and got the address… google mapped it. Huge property, masses of land with tennis court. Not what I was imagining from cat fosterers at all.


get a load of plump and sleepy here :grinning:


Me and Katie-kitten, just chillin’