Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Look who are coming to live at chez Balonz next week!


oh my god
ohhhh myyy goodddd


Little Gizmo :heart:


just posting to say I love all of your cats especially the ones who are poorly and need extra love and care xxx


Katie left me a lovely present by the bathroom door yesterday afternoon:

[dead animal]




Jesus. We woke up to not one but two headless pigeons on the floor last week, but that is unbelievable. Don’t know whether to be appalled or slowly start clapping.


Christ, Sooty has bought in a lot of things including a live black crow which was walking around the house. But that takes it to another level.


rip that rabbit


@mil_c’s cat

  • Ferocious hunter who tracked and killed a poor wittle wabbit
  • Opportunistic scavenger desperate to score points

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The poor wittle wabbit was still warm when I found it, and had bite wounds on its poor wittle belly. Alas, I think Katie’s a cold blooded killer.


The rabbit-killer in all her deadly glory


can’t stay mad at that


@Balonz photos of his kittens made me reminisce over old photos of my two.

Found this classic.


I want to love her but… that wittle wabbit… :sob:



Trying to sneakily hitch a lift

I see you there little man, you’re not fooling me


So obviously pleased with herself.


Do you get annoyed by white hairs everywhere?

I had to buy a cream coloured rug cause my black and white rug got so filthy with white hairs!


Yeah but his sister is black and white so there’s not much we can do 🤷 lots of hoovering and lint rollers. Them sneezing on everything all the time is far worse anyway.