Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Tomorrow is kittens day!

I think we have everything and the Cats Protection have given us advice (keep them in one room for the first week etc) but anyone got anything that they think we might need to know? My wife had kittens before but was a young girl.


litter tray training

after they eat pick them up and put them in the litter tray. The cat will climb out, put them back in. Keep doing it until they do a wee.


We are told that they are already trained so we will just keep them in close proximity for the time being. If not I will keep sticking them back in, cheers.


think the main thing is establishing their piss smell in there - but yeah should be a doddle if they’ve already done it

also don’t be surprised if they find a hiding place and stay there for a good while at 1st, can be a bit disappointing for excited kids


My mum’s old cat, when we got him as a kitten, he hid behind the sofa for like three days, emerging only to swear at us and eat :smiley:


The spare room they are staying in at first is not very big… will make sure my son won’t hassle them too much but when we went to see them they were well up for playing. They had been at the fosterers for ten days though I suppose and there were four of them.


We had a plan to keep them in one room for the first few days, but within the first few hours they had the full run of the house. Followed us up to bed that night and then one of them shat in the corner of the bedroom because they didn’t know where they or the litter tray were.

I would say this should be a lesson for any kitten owner, but frankly it feels cruel to keep them locked up somewhere.


Yeah I think that tto but CP said it was best for them… plus I am slightly concerned about them getting behind the kitchen cupboards and we don’t have a kitchen door.


Guess it all depends on the confidence of the kittens. Our two were full of it and wanted to explore. Who are we to stop them? Knew they could use a litter tray, just didn’t cross our mind that it being two floors away would disorientate them that much. After that incident we did actually shut them in the room with their tray for a couple of nights, but after that they were fine.


Probably worth asking their current owners what brand of cat litter they use and sticking with that to start with until they’re used to everything.


Done that. It’s wood chip which I believe is the most expensive! Hurray!


Ha! You can always try changing to a different one later if you want - mix a bit in with the current litter and see how they tolerate it, but make sure you keep a close eye on it and you may have to try a few before you find one they’re happy with.


They’ll always come out eventually. The last kitten we got in my old flatshare went up the chimney loads.


Well hopefully they will piss and shit outside once they are allowed out.

My mate was telling me that his cats are out in the garden and then come back in to shit!


I managed to get a bird out so would hope I could get a kitten.


Feliway!! And a blanket that the mum has rubbed against, if poss.
Congrats and good luck on your kitten journey :cat:


Should be fine then.
You’ll probably be surprised at how confident they’ll be after a few hours or a day.

I thought we’d have to do some coaxing with Princess but she ruled this house within about 30 mins of arriving here. Although she did do a wee on a beaded footstool because I thought she’d be clever enough to work out the cat flap on the door of her litter box. My bad!


They left their mum a couple of weeks back so no blanket unfortunately… will look for some feliway early tomorrow.


What are you doing Mr Socks?


Mr Socks was Gizmo’s original name. The reason he is called Gizmo is due to the chirping noises he makes when he walks around.