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Having two will help massively as they’ve got each other.
As others have said keep them to one room to start and encourage them to use the litter tray.



I’d have been a bit weirded out if we had similar looking cats with the exact same name tbh.

The kids who lived in our house before us named him Mr Socks (and then his douchebag parents abandoned him here) - if we’d have named him he’d have ended up with some kind of pretentious literary referencing name that wouldn’t suit him nearly as well.


That was the main reason for getting two… not as insurance that if one sits with my wife the other will come to me.


Two small kittens can easily fit on one lap, so don’t count on it. Even now they both try and sometimes succeed in fitting on one lap.


You have a chirper! I thought this was something exclusive to Tesla, in some way to do with his deafness. We always reward him with many many scratches and sometimes dreamies when he makes his little R2-D2 noises, because they’re just delightful.


The vet just called he’s spoken to the heart specialist we saw when he wasn’t expected to live past the first few weeks, nearly a year ago now.

He said the specialist didn’t really divulge anything else that he didn’t already know but it might be worth getting Giz’s heart scanned again like last time and getting a report to see if he’s deteriorated. I’m wondering if the insurance will claim it’s unnecessary?

He’s going back to the normal vets on Monday to look at his wound, which I think has finally healed up.

Vet also said.

He’s practically ruled out cancer, as Gizmo is too happy and is showing no other symptoms.
It could be a sign of the kidney disease getting to the later stages, but he’s more or less ruled that out to, as again Gizmo is too happy.
It could be something to do with the thyroid producing too much calcium, but that’s very rare in cats.
So he said it’s likely just something unique about Gizmo.


My mum is 4ft 11 and both her old pair would sit on her. It didn’t look comfortable for her…


Two cats I had the pleasure of meeting in Amsterdam

Cuddly pub cat - we pulled up a chair for him next to our table for ease of petting

One of three cats living at a small cat-themed art gallery, very soft and up for a belly rub


I’ve got something on me


Gizmo has had another checkup. His neck infection has cleared up so he longer needs antibiotics.

He’s put on more weight (now 4.31), so I’m thinking his weight loss was due to feelings under the weather from his neck wound rather than anything else.

But the vet wants to refer him to the cardiologist for another heart scan as its nearly a year since the last one. It’s going to cost £1600! Thank god for pet insurance.


Took Totoro to the vet on Friday because he’s was sneezing all summer and intermittently ever since. Was a little worried about an infection or something, so thought I’d get him checked out. Vet said he’s fine, probably just allergies and we could give him some Piriton! Think I’ll just let him put up with it, to be honest, knowing how hard it is to get a tablet down him.

She also said he has a slight heart murmur. Wanted to check after what happened to Milo. She said we could get a scan, but when I asked what could actually be done if something was discovered, she said “not a lot, really”. Decided that ignorance, until/unless something goes wrong would suit us best, otherwise we’ll be constantly worrying.


I get that. I am thinking about not getting Gizmo scanned again, but the vet did say it would help in terms of changing his drugs if necessary.


Well, if he’s already on medication, then that makes sense. I’m sure you’ll do what’s best


Its rare to get a photogenic one of Sooty.

He sits where he wants…


One hell of a smoulder


Just released the girls downstairs. Got some wood to block off the space beside the oven and the utility room with its dangers. Got down the side of the oven and also over the utility blocker within half an hour.


Am I becoming one of those cat photo people?


hope so


You are among friends here.


You’ve made us wait a week for this, so I hope so