Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



The best kind of people.


Wife has been round to our new house for the first time and the homeless cat who used to hang around when we lived round the corner was walking up the street.

I’m happier about that than getting the keys to the house tbh.

I :heart: Scraggy Cat


One of my cats woke me up this morning, at 6am, by slamming a door.

Absolute moron.


5am for me today by sitting on my bum and purring.


Mine are barred from the bedroom after repeated dickheadery.

Bad cat also jumped in the fridge yesterday. Bloody hell.


Shocked at how much the kittens want to lick my hands. Washed, unwashed, warm, cold - they don’t give a fuck, just want to lick them.

Hoping that they will grow out of that…


Having a morning cuddle after this old girl woke me up far too early this morning

Found out today that she really likes a stroke under her chin


Siamese are the best. Comply defy that stereotype that cats are aloof and uninterested.


She’s the neediest thing ever, 15 minutes after I first met her she jumped on my lap to be pet


My mum is a big fan of them and has had multiple over the last 40 years.

Her most recent pair, one could not hack the other getting any attention. Like, if he’d come and sit on your lap, she would push him off or sit in front of him so you had to give her attention instead. And as she was the dominate one and he was a total softy, he’d just take it :smiley: :smirk_cat:


Oh go on then…


my boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s really great! Did you do it yourself?


lol no

one of @Bamnan’s masterpieces


kinda want this t-shirt with a picture of the Joni Mitchel album where she’s holding Emile


Shadow toy more interesting than real toy



7 mins of pure, calming joy:




This is extremely soothing and exactly what my soul needed right now.