Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



If I fits, I sits. If I squidge over the edges, I wedges.


why are cats so particular about sitting on square shaped things? if i leave a vinyl sleeve on the floor or something mojo is straight on it, facing one corner of the sleeve or another. weird.


My cat pissed on me yesterday :grimacing:


You’re not wrong. My wee one spends so much time glued to me (in a constantly updating variety of ridiculous poses) that I’d have been better off calling her Bostik.



They’re so great. My mum and my sister have them. Would like one of my own someday, just need to get my partner over their uh nasal vocal qualities…


That’s part of the appeal though, the fact that they never shut the fuck up.

I’ve noticed recently that Dusty gives the game away when she’s about to get up to something she shouldn’t (launching herself at the bookcase/climbing up the TV to get to the mirror), she’ll announce her intentions with a series of one short meows, closely followed with a double short meow for when it reaches the point of “right, I’m doing it, right now”.


“Look at me, I’m doing something I shouldn’t do!”


Tell you what, I’ll never need a gym membership seeing as I’m off the couch every five minutes to investigate some sort of calamitous noise coming from elsewhere in the house.


what a beautiful :cat2: :heart_eyes:


She’s a wee smasher :grin:


Those eyes!!!

This is Lenny, my sister’s Siamese

She also has a gorgeous oriental white but that one is a rescue who just hides whenever people go round.

This is Ayo (left) and Lilith (right), my mum’s:

Ayo is quite a lot older than Lilith, she was part of a pair my mum got (properly bonded, they were litter mates) but the other one sadly died suddenly about 18 months ago. We were all pretty worried about how she would take to Lilith but thankfully they get on fine.


The tissue hunter has discovered a source of tissues


They’re a pair of beauties. Don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-grey Siamese before.




We’ve had to start hiding them in the bathroom cupboard ever since someone discovered their “portability” when we done up the bathroom last year.


Oh my goodness, what a naughty little dot!

I have to hide all tissues from her currently cause she will literally put her head inside a tissue box and pull one out, hide it under the bed them proceed to rip it up every day!


The amount of stuff that’s had to be moved to a higher shelf/put in a cupboard/locked inside a container/fired into the heart of the sun over the last year and a half.

Basically, if you fancy a complete overhaul of your house, get a Siamese.


Yep, we have to hide a lot of stuff from her. She could be a descendant from some kind of special breed that makes her weird.

I just thought getting a 13 year old cat that she’d be super chill and just want to sleep but she’s bloody naughty!

She also LOVES plastic so can’t leave any form of plastic bag around or she just licks it all day long. Freak!


Yeah, my older cat Nico does something similar - she’ll sit and lick the skirting boards in the livingroom. Thought for ages that she was just being odd (she’s not Siamese, so she’s got no excuse), but it turns out - according to my dad who done the skirting for us - that the wood has a sweet taste to it, something to do with the grain in the knot.

Quite how he found this out, I’m not sure, but hey, he’s retired now so whatever helps the days pass, I suppose.


We thought this when we got our 14 year old cat from the shelter. Just give him a nice retirement home for a year or two, we thought. Daft cat terrorised us for 6 years, he was absolutely hilarious. Nothing fazed him in the slightest. His speciality was waking us up for his breakfast at 3 in the morning, he had a variety of moves but his most effective were to place a wet paw on your lips and hold it there, or to take one claw and gently run it from the top of your forehead down to your nose. Both completely awful ways to suddenly wake up. The cat was an artist.