Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



hahaha interesting! I’ve seen her licking walls for sure but just thought she was being a bit senile.


It’s clearly a wider problem. Time to rent some space in a church basement and start a support group.


My cat licks plastic bags sometimes too. Weird!


Do you reckon you could just… keep her? Is that the plan? She’s SO pretty :sob:


Oh wow. Amazing! I feel like older cats definitely have sussed out humans more and know exactly how to get what they want.
Princess will definitely wake you up mid nap by licking your face which is unsettling but luckily we keep her out of our room at night or will be kept awake by the licking of ikea bags under the bed.


Can’t believe it’s been a whole year without my best mate - been watching loads of videos of her being a cutie this morning :sparkling_heart:


My mum had an elderly rescue cat for a bit who also liked licking plastic bags, particularly the cheapo ones you’d get for free at supermarkets. The sound of her raspy tongue on the crinkly plastic :exploding_head:


He’s a boy cat. Although the neighbours where we used to live call(ed) him Sasha. (The pink bowl is for the dog when she comes round- just don’t tell her the cat has been using it)

They tried to take him in a couple of times, but he wasn’t having any of it, even when we had all that snow. He’s obviously happy enough to wander around the estate getting sympathy food from everyone. Me and the wife are both allergic to cats, so it would probably be a bad idea to have him inside anyway.

I joked about putting a cat-flap in the garage for him though.


When Sooty and Gizmo were kittens, we got home from an evening out to find no sign of them.
Looked around the house to find the bathroom door shut, they’d locked themselves in.

I opened the door to find them both just sitting in the middle of a load of shredded toilet roll. With a look of “What?”

Even now, every night Sooty goes in the bathroom as I’m going to bed, pulls the floor mat of the back of the door, attacks it and then goes to sleep on it.


mine steals packets of his dreamies biscuits if we’re not careful to lock them away, and hours later we’ll find him under the bed in a biscuit coma surrounded by bits of the shredded bag.


Katie is absurdly proud of her winter ruff


So she should be.


Trying to get at the :fish:


I really really recommend @Bamnan if anyone is thinking of getting a portrait done



Neighbour’s cat is in my house again


Really don’t understand how he can find sleeping like this comfortable


Turns out Sirius was an android sleeper agent this whole time, she’s been activated and will now go about her primary directive; naps.


She’s started to come in every morning and stomp all over us til we get up

But omg I love her so much


Omg that face :sob:

Daisy was my alarm clock, I’d leave the door open so she would come and shout at me every morning for her breakfast. One morning I tried to ignore her, so she got on the bed and started walking on me and meowing. When I didn’t respond she walked all the way up my arm and meowed directly in my ear hole! Little shit. Made me laugh so much.