Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




Mr Socks prefers to stick his cold wet nose against mine or the gfs to wake us up. Simultaneously adorable and terrifying. He seems pretty good at knowing when it’s 6am and time for breakfast but every now and again he’ll try his luck at 4am and hope we’re too sleepy to notice.


Vince tends to come up to the bedroom at around 4am - he’ll demand a bit of fuss for a moment, then curl up to sleep on us until it gets light, and which point he’ll start yelling to demand to be let out. I’ve basically just got used to not getting as much sleep as I would like.


Hahaha such a naughty bean but also so adorbs!


Princess tries her luck for dinner around 3:30pm each day. Sits by the bowl and meows! She knows she doesn’t get fed til at least 6!


If Mr Socks is awake he’ll follow anyone into the kitchen and meow at them at any time of day. Even if he’s been fed within the last 15 minutes. He’d be the size of a beach ball if we fed him every time he got lippy with us, the wee tinker.


Should we get a cat and tell the landlord it was a stray? My housemate asked him and after a week of thinking he said no because if someone new moved who was allergic… fuck em


Best pals


Good news everyone, the winter furs have arrived!


Lordy. Has he just come out of that microwave?


Chilling with my pal Giz.


They don’t call him the Fluff Lord for nothing.


i’ve accidentally managed to train my cat to expect to be fed after i use the downstairs loo (as once in a while when it’s her dinner time i’ll go to the loo while i’m up before feeding her). so now every time i go for a wee, no matter what time it is, the cat starts miaowing outside the door




awwww the splodgy one is how I say the babies would look if me and my bf had babies that were cats


one of my projects at work is called GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)


Met this lovely girl this evening, such a softy.


We keep the cat food in the downstairs toilet so have managed to do the same. Basically can’t use that toilet any more now.


Most mornings at 4am Sooty wakes me my directly purring in my ear and attempting to groom my hair.

Here’s a really bad photo from this morning.


Here’s a picture of all of ours almost calmly sitting in close proximity - a bit of a rarity since being recently reunited.


Gizmo saw the cardiologist this morning. It cost £1039 :grimacing:

They gave him a heart echo scan and an ECG. He’s been shaved and now stinks of antiseptic.

He was so well behaved and relaxed. He’s got a large bloodclot in his heart but as long as it doesn’t breakaway he could be fine for a while. His heart rate is relatively normal.

The cardiologist is going to look into alternative drugs to try and dissolve the clot. He was suprised how well he is.

Gizmo has been so happy and seemingly healthy lately, he’s amazing. But knowing about his clot reminded me he’s not a healthy cat at all.

Any extra time is a bonus.