Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



This looks like you’ve just photo shopped the same cat in different places :smiley:


Oh Giz!
How old is he again?


Six. Seven in March.




Katie, making me feel guilty for wanting to do some work


She’s truly gorgeous. Here she is sleeping in my work bag

Here she is trying on the mrs’ skirt

Pawing at a rug


I remembered these, classic photo set. It’s Cauli sitting on the back of the sofa and then falling off it


Treated the lads to new hallway scratch post.

New v old


Here she is looking adorable before hissing at my because I told her no she couldn’t eat my peanut butter on toast!


Worried about my Katie-cat :frowning: She’s been a bit drooly this last week, and the last couple of days it’s been getting worse. Today I popped her on my lap and prised her mouth open, and she’s got a massive, horrible-looking sore on her tongue. She’s probably too young for cancer and all that, and apart from possibly avoiding her dry food she seems otherwise fine. Can’t help but be scared though, and living in such a rural remote location, the out-of-hours veterinary service is for serious emergencies (mostly involving farm animals) only. I’ll be on their phone first thing Monday morning…


love watching my gfs housemates cats

that pretty much sums up their dynamic


I think if you’ve found a sore that’s a good sign that it’s not something internal, like a tumour. I’ll keep everything crossed for her :heart:


This morning I picked up Tesla’s back legs and then started walking him around on his front paws like a wheelbarrow race in sports day. Then I stopped after about 3 seconds because it’s obviously cruel. Turns out he actually loves it and keeps coming back for more, he’s turned the tables on me by making me the victim who gets pestered indefinitely for wheelbarrow. I deserve it really.


Gonna need photographic evidence of this


Thanks! Katie’s needed brushing a lot more than normal this week, so it’s obviously making grooming harder for her. She went out hunting last night and brought me a large vole as a present, so she’s still active and frisky at least.



It’s going to require a third person to take the pic, which means I’ll have to reveal this to my partner, and she’s not going to be impressed. But the needs of the cat thread are bigger than my own, so I will do it this evening.


Strong family resemblance! The one on the right is the mum the other two are her boys.


This is Mackerel (left) and Morrissey (right), sister and brother… not a great photo, but will find more. Mackerel was named after the cat from Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and Morrissey was named after the racist singer from the band The Smiths.

They were the absolute best, but were sadly run over outside my parents house on their usually quiet road near the start of 2017. Mackerel was incredibly shy around people, but she adored me and was so affectionate and lovely. Morrissey loved everyone and everyone loved him (neighbours who he had often visited came round in tears when they found out) and he seemingly had an infinite amount of energy. They were just under a year old, and we were all devastated. I really miss them.


Nina is a big fan of Jimbo’s new “car”: