Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



what lovely kitties. sorry to hear they were run over :cry:


lovely tank. just got a 50l one, but all my guppies died within a week :frowning: still got my danios and minnows tho, they are tough little fish

(why do i keep harassing you with mundane chat)


That’s fucking heartbreaking, I’m sorry. Makes me never ever want to let mine out


Also they’re both so so beautiful


mundane chat is the lifeblood of any forum!

the fish are my mum’s, really, i just feed them occasionally. i guess the cat is my dad’s since i think my mum would prefer a dog!


my cat is cool with my fish, he’s too self-absorbed to bother with them i think. fish are chill af tho, sounds sad but i like popping on an album and just watching them swim around while i lay on the couch.


Love getting a cuddle off this fella on my way home :hugs:


extreme mood. mojo is nursing a broken heart since the neighbourhood queen took up with another tom :frowning: she done him wrong yo


Working from home today and the cat is being a particular pain, so I’ve got out an old laptop for him to sit on so he doesn’t keep trying to sit on the keyboard while I get on with stuff.


Hope you’ve got it plugged in and running, so it’s nice and warm.


Got up off my chair didn’t I


Katie’s been to the vet, who didn’t seem too worried by kitten’s bad tongue - the sore plus some scratches inside Katie’s mouth (which I hadn’t noticed) means it’s most likely the result of a rat/mouse etc going down fighting. Two weeks of antibiotics should do the job :relaxed:


Most of the cats in this part of the world look a bit worse for wear but came across this cutie tonight in a flower shop/wine bar


Wonderful. Even allows petting in and around the Danger Zone


Bella is showing signs of possible kidney disease not far down the road, apparently, so this is a good post. thanks for sharing!


most convincing idea for getting a sugar daddy yet


No problem, glad it’s of help.


How am I supposed to get down stairs?!


Reading the posts about kidney disease made me think:

Two of our cats are or have been diabetic and another one has had urinary crystals causing blocked bladder, so if anyone’s cats develop either of these conditions and you have any questions / want any advice about day to day stuff like food, management, injections etc, hit me up as I know I would have appreciated it when we were in the same boat. [Not intended as an alternative to the vets but just to share another owner’s experience]


Had to go to Notts for a funeral but got to see my g-ma’s catto.