Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)






Cat reviews Scotland v Argentina : 1/10, would rather nap.


Cat 2’s none too impressed either. I’ve no choice in the matter, pinned to the couch by both of them and now can’t reach the remote.


My pal over in Sydney is fostering these little lumps:


Argos are selling cat proof trees :smiley:


Cat proof? I own a Siamese. She’d find a way.


Fingers crossed, but Katie has totally ignored the tree these past two Christmases :crossed_fingers:

Here she is yesterday, daring me to evict her from the sofa (spoiler alert: I didn’t)


Somebody is tired out from knocking over and destroying the clothes airer. Little fuzzy fucking wrecking ball.


Spotted these two twins again on the walk home last week. Not managed to convince either to come close enough for a fuss yet.


we’re still waiting.


I’ve tried to upload a video and a gif but the boards won’t have either of them because files be too big. But I can report that the video had him doing wheelbarrow for a little bit, but then being uncooperative. I was pondering why this could be, Mrs thinks when wheelbarrow was first going on he was just going along with it because he liked the attention but now he’s well over it.




you guys know me too well


Just got an Email about them. Sure one’s on its way to you right now!


I thought I saw a lovely black cat in the park earlier rolling around on the floor and being cute and then as I walked over to (hopefully) give it a stroke it turned out it was just a black bag blowing around in the wind :frowning:


this happens to me a lot


Bf was telling me the other day about him having a little freak out because he went into the spare room and the light was off and he saw Princess laying in the middle of the floor and he was like OH NO WHAT’S HAPPENED PRINCESS ARE YOU OK in a big panic and he turned the light on and it was just my hot water bottle :upside_down_face:


This is like a real life version of the specsavers advert


Spent about 10 minutes talking to this duster once.

You see the problem.


I’m finished :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: