Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



He’s got perfect vision as well :smiley:


:laughing: hahaha


Just had to provide assistance and moral support with getting out of a cupboard


Just spent over an hour reading the past year’s posts, I love all your cats :sparkling_heart:


The Facebook algorithms work too well.


Sooty is being very playful this morning.


Just been sent a pic of Nina, who’s very interested in my other half’s new camera (or maybe she just wants food). Wonky eye in full effect!


One of the ladies has gotten into the festive mood


You are absolutely going to die in your sleep.

Suspiciously, in a manner involving tinsel.


She loves it!



And no jury is gonna convict…


Just realised it’s a year today when Gizmo came home from the vets and being told he’ll have a couple of months to live.

He’s still going strong.


your cat don’t care for the “rules”, he’s a maverick :sunglasses::+1:


Anniversary Giz :heart:


lookit his socks!! :heart_eyes:


kinda wish all our cats could meet and meow and sneer at each other then snuggle


Daisy would have hissed and then hid in a small crevice, tbf

I would like to cuddle everyone’s cats tho


Btw Sparrow has gotten swole:

Bath is his fave hangout apparently, he once jumped in when it was full of water.


Your flies a bit undone