Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Noticed that afterwards.


Think I’m gonna photoshop (ms paint) a Sherry glass into her paw and use this as a Christmas card


I’m not sure Prinny has ever seen another cat.


Neighbour’s cat tricked me into letting him into the house again


“Tricked” you say? I bet it didn’t take much trickery.


GF’s aunt found this utter beauty abandoned in a school playground so we are going to pick her up from Blackpool over Christmas and bring her home with us


Can neither confirm nor deny


Trying to persuade my partner that Mitro is an acceptable cat name


Seri might be more acceptable.


Alfie Pawson


I see what you did there.


Mr Socks performed a daring Dreamies heist in the night, nibbling off a corner of a bag carelessly left on top of a chest of drawers and eating so many he threw up.

Then he woke me up at 6 to take me over and show me what he did, then lead me to the kitchen to demand breakfast.

Mr Socks is a bastard.


Really like the cut of Mr Socks’ jib


Velvet here taking full advantage of the radiator shelf


that looks like a seriously inefficient radiator design there (but a good place for a cat to have a nap)


It’s a Christmas miracle




Went to my mum’s today, got to see my favourite gal :heart_eyes:


Oh my god, what a face! :heart_eyes:


Here’s Weasel
catching a kibble